Are you calling me a 'horse'? I'm Derby Dash, you spiky redhead!
Derby Dash, Sonic and Fantendo: Universes Meet

Derby Dash
Derby Dash with a collectable item.
Full Name Derby Dash
Current Age 18
Date of Birth N/A
Gender Male
Species Horse
Location Speedtropolis
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Franky (best friend), Carl (rival), King Waru (enemy), Amanda ("girlfriend")
Ability/ies Jumping, Kicking, Punching
Vulnerable To Fan-Girl clubs
First Appearance Derby Dash
Derby is the title character and main protagonist of the Derby Dash series. He is an 18-year-old, anthropomorphic, brisk horse, and is a laid-back and cool-headed character. He also has the ability to jump on his enemy's evil monsters. Derby is also a rival to Carl the Fox


Derby is a blond furred horse with brown hair and a brown tail, wearing blue jeans with a black belt and powered sneakers.


Only 2 designs was drawn including a big-nosed bald guy in overalls who has the ability to run faster than an average person and an anthropomorphic fox which was later used as Carl with a whole new design. Then 1 final design has been drawn to be a heroic horse with pants and sneakers named Pete Horsey Pants, later changed to Derby Dash.


  • Derby Dash was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, which explains his speed and rivals.
  • Derby Dash's series and spin-offs is mostly on the home console Chaos Mega System.
  • Derby Dash doesn't really have a backstory of his past.
  • Derby Dash can turn to Hyper Derby for a short time if he gets a fire ring.