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Are you calling me a 'horse'? I'm Derby Dash, you spiky redhead!
Derby Dash, Sonic and Fantendo: Universes Meet

Derby Dash
Derby Dash with a collectable item.
Full Name Derby Dash
Current Age 18
Date of Birth N/A
Gender Male
Species Horse
Location Speedtropolis
Class Hero
Ability/ies Jumping, Kicking, Punching
Vulnerable To Fan-Girl clubs
First Appearance Derby Dash
Family and Relations
Franky (best friend), Carl (rival), King Waru (enemy), Amanda ("girlfriend")
Derby is the title character and main protagonist of the Derby Dash series. He is an 18-year-old, anthropomorphic, brisk horse, and is a laid-back and cool-headed character. He also has the ability to jump on his enemy's evil monsters. Derby is also a rival to Carl the Fox


Derby is a blond furred horse with brown hair and a brown tail, wearing blue jeans with a black belt and powered sneakers.


Only 2 designs was drawn including a big-nosed bald guy in overalls who has the ability to run faster than an average person and an anthropomorphic fox which was later used as Carl with a whole new design. Then 1 final design has been drawn to be a heroic horse with pants and sneakers named Pete Horsey Pants, later changed to Derby Dash.


  • Derby Dash was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, which explains his speed and rivals.
  • Derby Dash's series and spin-offs is mostly on the home console Chaos Mega System.
  • Derby Dash doesn't really have a backstory of his past.
  • Derby Dash can turn to Hyper Derby for a short time if he gets a fire ring.

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