Denthrahir (pronounced "Den-thrah-here") is a Pianta, and the leader of the notorious group of theives called the Dark Schneiders in the video game Super Paper RPG for the Nintendo Wii. His underlings refer to him as only, "The Boss", so nobody knows if Denthrahir is his real name or not. Nobody knows where he is hiding now, because his headquarters, Dark Schneiders Headquarters, is in a super-secret location. Because of this, no one even knows what he looks like. However, it is rumored he had a dark past, leading to his founding of the Dark Schneiders. He takes orders from Empress Timeblazera.


First Battle

  • HP: ?
  • Defense: ?
  • Attack: ?
  • Tattle: Wow!! That's Denthrahir, the boss of the Dark Schneiders! I totally wasn't expecting this; I would've brought my Tattle Log! Nobody outside his group has ever seen his face before...except for us, I guess... He's like, SO famous back home in Biene City (that's his group's turf, by the way)! He looks so...threatening. But I bet we could beat him, Mario!

Second Battle

  • HP: ?
  • Defense: 3
  • Attack: 5
  • Tattle: It's Denthrahir again... And don't worry, I've brought my Tattle Log here. ...Heh heh... It got sort of muddled in the rainstorm, so all I can give you is his defense and attack. It's pretty high, though, Mario, so watch out! He's aquired some new attacks, too.

Third Battle

  • HP: 100
  • Defense: 3
  • Attack: 5
  • Tattle: ...This is getting rather old. It's Denthrahir...hippy hooray... Anyway, he's back again, obviously. This time, I can give you his full stats! His stats are the highest I've ever known them to be, but he doesn't pose much of a threat now. He's kinda easy. How sad is that?

Final Battle

  • HP: 250
  • Defense: 10
  • Attack: 7
  • Tattle: Whoa, Denthrahir! I really didn't think we'd see him again after that third battle, and look, he's the most powerful I've ever seen him before! He's super-angry at you for defeating him three times... Look out for his super-attacks! Come on Mario, let's fight all the way to the end! Let's give him all we've got!