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Denos, as he appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
Full Name Denos Ghuir
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Stopping the Fantendoverse from shattering.
Class Unknown
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered (first official appearance)


Denos Ghuir is the second community character, with the first being Zerita. He was created during August 12, 2012, with his design being initially finalized on September 21, 2012. However, it took around 3 years for him to appear in anything (with his first canon appearance being in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered).

Denos is a traveler that became interested in the Unten mythos during his stop in Zeon, which was shortly after it exploded. After learning of the prophecy and learning how important Unten was becoming after the explosion, he learned that Unten was a catalyst based off his changing background and devoted most of his life trying to piece together the original history.

In the new Fantendoverse, he is a intergalactic "tourist" with his buddy Logi, buying and selling artifacts from different worlds. He is still apparently watching Unten, although from more of a distance.


Denos is a green skinned humanoid alien with two eyes, one of which is functional and is a simple white eye with a black pupil. The other eye has a cracked pupil and is red, with the eye running down his face. It is unknown why it's like that, but it can't be sanitary. It is possible that he was involved with a drug circle, but again, this is all unknown.


Denos was a traveler that was seeking knowledge about Zeon and learned of the procephy. Although the two never officially met in any kind of real matter, Denos was still aware of Unten's role in the prophecy and after Zeon exploded he spent time gathering information on what he could on Unten, knowing he was a Catalyst shortly after the Zeon explosion. His memory was unchanged every single time Unten inadvertently changed the past, but locating Unten was difficult without the use of the Fracture. Sometime after the Recolor War he found it and began to reside there, careful not to awaken Clockwarx and searched for hints of Unten's true past.

In Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, he finally meets Unten and explains his vast knowledge about who Unten and what his purpose is. In the New Universe that follows, Denos is still following Unten, his mind still unchanged from the events that unfolded in Shattered.

Possible Backstory by JesseRoo

The guy's race live inside a planet that has been completely hollowed out and the core replaced with a magical device powered by sacrificing members of their race to it, which supplies reversed gravity (since they walk around on the inside of the planet's crust), oxygen, water and other essential things for living. Nobody remembers where the device came from, but every time they fail to make a sacrifice within a week of the last sacrifice it's life-giving properties slowly fade away until another sacrifice is made.

Because where would a JesseRoo story be without a corrupt and morally ambiguous upper class, their race has a caste system; the higher the caste, the less likely a candidate for sacrifice. Your caste is not based on your birth or possessions, though, it is based on the work you do for society.

Ghuir/Denos was an assassin (either stabby or a gunslinger or both depending on which design we're using or if we go with 1337's suggestion), the opposite of helpful to society. Spiteful lower caste citizens would often hire assassins to kill those in the higher castes for them. Assassins themselves were almost the lowest caste possible, second only to those who threaten the stability of the core. As such, they were prime sacrifice candidates. Ghuir/Demos is chosen one day, but he sneaks a weapon in with him to fulfill his final assassination target; the whole planet, and everybody on it.

So the guards bring him and all of the other sacrifices for the day to the core of the device, a giant floating ball of magic energy. The method of sacrificing somebody is just throwing them in and letting them be consumed by rampant magical energy. Unfortunately for them, this makes it rather easy for Ghuir/Demos to break free of their hold, pull out his gun and shoot the core. Unfortunately for him, though, it didn't destroy it; the core absorbed the shot and started magnifying in brightness and energy at that spot; he shut one eye from the brightness but kept the left eye open, staring intently as all of the dark, hideous secrets of the core were revealed to him, secrets that no man should or was ever meant to know. Amongst these secrets were various magical arts including typical wizardry, alchemy, druidry, and who knows what else (aka anything from anybody else's lore), and the way to utilize the core's secondary function of teleportation, originally intended for the whole planet as a way of movement but used by Ghuir/Demos as an escape from the wretched society his race had become.

How's that?

APPENDED INFORMATION: If you guys go with this or some sort of modified version, the teleportative (thats a word) nature of the core could mean that his home planet can serve as the HUB world, but with guards who will become hostile if you do stuff that reveals your identity or just if you break the law in general (basically like Saint's Row 3 or GTA or whatever, where your notoriety increases as you do crime and more people go after you). But then you teleport to other planets to track down whoever made the core, I guess. And he'd get back each time because it taught him a spell to return to it.

I'm also thinking of him being a bit like Scar from FMA, where he has this magical ability (like Scar had alchemy), but he believes it is wrong and only uses it himself because he believes he is beyond moral redemption.

MORE APPENDED INFORMATION: Oh and, in case you don't understand why that caste system is so evil: how much work for society can disabled people do?


Tragedy (2015)

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered


Denos is able to shuffle cards in mid-air, a seemingly trademark move of his. He can also do this with other objects. He also has retractable claws on his palms, which he uses to grasp the head of his opponent and stab them when the palm is against their head.

He is also skilled with a rocket launcher. He can amazingly do this even with only one functioning eye.


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