Age 18, born September 30. Denki Shou, also known as NintenShocks, is a trouble maker, and a member of the Nintengers



Denki Shou

Denki Shou grew up in Chiba, with his best friend Hoshino Kiba, until he left to Tokyo to go to college.

In 2013, he witnessed Jinzeono's first attack. He, along with Akira HinoTaro HikariTsubame Takara, and Hoshino Kiba where teleported to Gamuchu, where they meet Iwata, who was the one that brought them there. He informs them of their destiny, which he and Hoshino is excited about. He gives them their Nintenshins, and sends them to battle Goombomber, the Jinzeono monster that has been attacking the city. After they all fail in defeating Goombomber normally, he decides to use his Nintenshin which changes him into NintenShocks. After Akira defeats Goombomber, he discovers that his Nintenshin holds the being known as SatoChu, the lord of the "Power World".


  • His profile picture is actually Mutsuki Kamijo from Kamen Rider Blade.
  • He is based on Pikachu, from the Pokemon.

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