Demolish Nation
Demolish Nation
Developer(s) TimeStrike
Publisher(s) Toroko
Platform(s) The V²
Release Date(s)
May 01, 2016 (USA)
May 08, 2016 (Rest of the world)
Age Rating(s)
12 (PEGI)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Demolish Nation
Demolish Nation is a platformer/puzzle game developed by TimeStrike for The V² and Pacifico systems, starring Fandro after a long disappearance from the gaming industry. The point of Demolish Nation is to control Fandro's anger - or any of his friends' - and take out the KrunchKake empire by crushing and destroying everything in your path.  Work on the title was started very soon after BowieQuest.


KrunchKake Kake Krunch, known better as just KrunchKake, has recently been promoted to King of the Rich Kingdom, and is now celebrating in his chamber of riches, and wishes to take over the Poor Kingdom, where a bunch of rebellious people reside who refuse to obey those of the opposing Rich Kingdom. When King KrunchKake made a personal appearance at the Poor Kingdom announced his plans to take over their land, one of the various citizens of that kingdom went into an outrage, and went outside to argue with the king, only to be stopped by his royal guards. Laughing, KrunchKake sent that person back to his home.

That person's name was Fandro, short for Fanaratandraxoriniste, who has lived a long and sour life, only living with one person by the name of Bob, who Fandro believes has no purpose other than the sole one to annoy him. Fandro is an orphan, having both his parents dead, and his brother Bob has the same fate. Both live in an extended outhouse, which has three bathrooms instead of one, and that's the only good thing about their home.

Fandro was angry at the fact that King KrunchKake wanted to take over the kingdom that he lived in, and the fact that King KrunchKake wishes to do more than leave everyone in Fandro's land homeless and without jobs so that his own empire may expand. When Bob slipped the fact that Fandro's home will be destroyed first because of how rude he appeared towards the king, Fandro went into an absolute rampage, and tore apart a urinal system, revealing a big mace, which he takes into his tiny hands, then goes out of the house, using Bob as a horse while "whipping" his back with the mace to drive himself forward.

From there on, the game begins.


Much like the name, Demolish Nation requires that you attempt blowing up KrunchKake's nation to lead an assault against the king, and defeat the Rich Kingdom and therefore save his own kingdom; the Poor Kingdom. Fandro and his friends (Chim Tim, Thyiris, and Geo Neo, the three other players) are required in all levels to blow up as much property of KrunchKake's as possible whilst avoiding enemies from all directions, blowing them up to dispose of KrunchKake's minions. The level ends when the player has taken down a certain amount of property or destroyed a certain number of enemies, sometimes both.

Players can access two different hub worlds, known appropriately as the Poor Kingdom and the Rich Kingdom, and both have their own levels to play.  In the Poor Kingdom stages, you destroy King KrunchKake's property build on the land, whilst in the Rich Kingdom stages you take down parts of a city or take down all the property in a level plus fight off the guardians the kingdom sends after you.  Those hub worlds have shops, various NPCs to talk to, and a weapons exchange section where you can change your weapons before you decide to go back into combat and destroy more KrunchKake property.

In the levels, players can fly around the levels and toss bombs and other explosives, or use powerful guns and physical weapons to attack, and each player runs a heart health system - if they're hit, they lose a heart, and if all hearts are lost, they lose a life.  Players can also pick up several items, including shields and armor, to defend themselves better from enemy attacks, or pick up extra ammo for certain weapons, such as guns.  Players also can find grind spots at points in the stage and grind their axes, swords, etc. to make them stronger or bring back to their former strength, although some weapons eventually become too thin to use and a replacement is needed.

Boss battles play differently from the game's normal stages.  All the bosses are fought in large arenas and require that the player beat up the provided target on the stage, accompanied by a large health bar.  Once the boss is beaten, the area is cleared and the player is able to move on.  All boss battles besides the major ones are fought within the game's stages themselves, the major bosses have their own gates in the hub world.


Name Description Role

Fandro is a familiar being to practically everyone, he's the main protagonist of Demolish Nation and leads the rebellion against the Rich Kingdom Forces and is the player one character.  Fandro is well known for his extreme anger issues and his constant habit of attempting to kill his own brother just because he's annoying.

Fandro's personal weapon is the Sticky Bomb, which sticks to enemies when contact is made and blows up in a matter of seconds.

Prof. Zeck

Dr. Zeck is not a playable character, but is still a major character in the story.  He's a professor from the Dumpstar University and teaches the law and how to obey it.  After KrunchKake managed to put the university out of business, Prof. Zeck organized a group to form a rebellion against KrunchKake's mistakes, and he immediately chose Fandro to lead it when he came up with his own gang.

Throughout the game's stages, Prof. Zeck follows the player(s) and tries to throw supporting items to them and help out.

Chim Tim

Chim Tim is Fandro's best friend and is perhaps the poorest of people in the Poor Kingdom.  He's a really nice guy on the inside, and attempts working as a chef, but gets no money as his food is extremely awful and it's more likely to poison you than give any real nutrition.  He often hides in a cloak to hide his awkward similarity to Fandro in appearance.

Chim Tim's personal weapon is the Silver Axe, which chops enemies harshly and can be tossed like a boomerang to attack from a distance.  It's difficult to aim where it's hitting, however.

Playable characters

Thyiris is a vampire blob and is actually a rich blob originating from the Rich Kingdom.  He joined Fandro's cause due to the latter managing to make a deal that he will give Thyiris a huge sum of cash if he helps, although he has no idea that the empire holds all his money and that the money will all be lost with the empire's fall.  Poor guy...

On the bright side, Thyiris' weapon, the Slythe, is incredibly long ranged and can attack in complete circles, and attack with almost perfect accuracy as the weapon is pretty light in comparison to Thyiris' strength.

Geo Neo

Geo Neo is a scientist and creates all kinds of different mixtures, although he's almost as annoying as his cousin Bob.  Geo Neo is a culture geek, knowing almost everything about both the Poor and Rich kingdoms, and even acknowledges Earth culture and especially the Internet language.  He joined Fandro's forces when Bob (accidentally) persuaded him to.

Geo Neo's main weapon is the Jump Rifle, which fires bouncing bullets that ratchet off the walls and destroy more than one object at a time, although it can easily backfire and hit him too if he's not careful.

Bob Bob is Fandro's extremely annoying brother and does nothing more than observe the push that his older sibling gives to fight off KrunchKake's forces.  Ingame, Bob acts as another player, just being operated as a CPU.  Bob takes damage just like everyone else, and tries attacking with his head and flexible body to get around. NPC
Brete Pëtte Brete Pëtte is a drunken blob who often hangs out at the most major bar in the Poor Kingdom, and he gives tips to Fandro and friends on how to use their weapons, and what's safe to eat and what's not, and often cracks funny jokes once in a millennium.
Ono Ono appears as the game's shopkeeper, and sells items to Fandro and friends to aid them on their travels.  Ono also tries to get Fandro's attention as she actually really likes him, although Fandro doesn't return the same feeling, finding "love" garbage.  Just like the rest of the universe.
Ari Ari is a friendly rival to Chim Tim, and fights him in one on one matches as a kind of rival.  When beaten enough times, he'll start his own shop and retire, and sell various items for the team to use - including his own powerful axe.
KrunchKake King KrunchKake is the main antagonist of Demolish Nation and ever since Fandro's rude encounter with him, the two have been quite enemies.  King KrunchKake puts up a big fight against Fandro's forces, sending out the toughest of his men to fight off the Poor Kingdom's one and only army.  He's pretty tough himself but he's also lazy. Antagonists
Zadico Zadico is a primary henchman of King KrunchKake, and always seeks out Fandro and attempts to kill him in one-on-one matches.  There's some reason why he wants to directly kill Fandro head on, it has something to do with their supposedly identical DNA...and how much they relate.
Arcana Arcana is a minor antagonist who utilizes her dark magic to control the strongest members of KrunchKake's forces to fight off Fandro and his "friends".  She is wise, cunning, and is quite difficult to defeat if one doesn't know her weakness.
Richard Richard is a very rich blob, even richer than KrunchKake, who is taking a vacation from his home in the glamorous Rich Kingdom.  Inside though, he is an assassin, and works under KrunchKake's orders to operate the various machines set out throughout the kingdom and stop Fandro at all costs.


Kingdom Order Stage Description Mission(s)
Poor 1 Dumpstar

Dumpstar is the first level in the game and is where Fandro and his team begin their missions.  Dumpstar is a small city within the game and is where Fandro and quite a few people live, it is one of the poorest areas of the game.

Dumpstar is a pretty weak city; it has four dumpsters as the only houses in the city, and has a pile of sludge meant to serve as the city hall.  Everything in the city is either a disgusting brown or a boring gray...who would even like this place??

The level doesn't have many of KrunchKake's properties but what's seen is pretty obvious.  Most of the things you can destroy are posters of King KrunchKake himself, but there's also pillars and a house of the Rich Kingdom's that you can also take down.

1. Destroy ~75% of KrunchKake's property and destroy the giant poster in the center of town!

2. Battle against five major Rich Kingdom soldiers and win the fight!

3. Defeat Ari and his friends whilst taking down 55% of KrunchKake's property.

2 Waste Factory

The Waste Factory is the second level in the game, following up the Dumpstar level.  The Waste Factory is where wooden beds, metal pillows, blankets of rock, and the like are produced.  They have terrible materials because that's what the Rich Kingdom supplies them with.

The Waste Factory has yellow fog placed all over the area, and it makes it hard to see where you're going unless you take down the walls.  It's all a sickly yellow or a slimey green...

The Waste Factory has been rebranded to represent the Rich Kingdom, and Fandro must take it down before it sends actually good supplies to KrunchKake himself.  Many pillars and assembly lines have been built to support KrunchKake's empire.

1. Destroy 80% of the factory and take out 50% of KrunchKake's forces!

2. Destroy 80% of the factory within seven minutes!

3. Take out a hundred enemies within the factory!

Rich 11 The Intersection

The Intersection is the first level encountered in the Rich Kingdom, and is located in the center of a thick, golden city.  No one major resides here as it's just where the "deserving" citizens rest.  Dumpstar could really do with new buildings and lower taxes, eh?

The Intersection has a beautiful crimson sky, shining and glimmering golden buildings, and blobs wearing golden clothing.  It is very easy to get around, and the amount of ladders and staircases in the city make it even simpler to get to the above areas of the level.

The Intersection has many golden buildings which must be destroyed to prove to KrunchKake that you're his worst nightmare.  Among the things you must destroy other than buildings include posters, vehicles, people, it's all fun and games now!

1. Take down every golden building in the city and destroy 70% of the other objects within!

2. Defeat 50% of the guardians in the city and take down all of the golden buildings!

3. A fire has started in the center of the city!  Get away as fast as you can!  Don't worry about destroying stuff, it'll fall as you go.

12 Golden Temple

The Golden Temple follows up the Intersection, and is a booby trapped filled place, with holes everywhere meant to catch you and send you to your doom, and lava lurks around every corner, sometimes trying to surprise you.

The Golden Temple is well...a golden temple with many ancient writing written on the walls representing the Krunch family, and many monuments of KrunchKake reside inside.  It's really gross.

What you need to destroy is the temple from the inside, and attack the walls.  Once you can make it to the outside, you can attack from there and do damage without having to worry about hitting traps.

1. Destroy 90% of the temple's walls!

2. Destroy 70% of the temple's walls, but don't get caught in the searchlights!

3. Go to the center of the temple and collect a huge red jewel, and destroy the temple from the inside before it buries you underground!



Name Description Effect Price Found in stages?
Knife The knife is pretty sharp and gets right to the point; if it hits someone, they're gonna bleed, and knives can be used for the killing!  Not as effective as guns, though. Not too effective of a weapon on buildings but it does well against enemies.  15 coins Yes
Gun A pretty solid weapon that fires in spurts, and if it shoots ya, it's gonna hurt.  I bet you never heard that saying before.  If you have, well, sucks for ya. Hits enemies for quite some damage.  Variations of this weapon increase the power or range. 30 coins Yes
Bomb This weapon attacks in a radius, it's pretty good if you want to spread some wide rage.  Of course if it hits you, you're gonna be gone in a puff of smoke. Different variations of this weapon can do things like fog, but the bomb is just known for being explosive. 40 coins Yes


Name Description Effect Price Found in stages?
Trash Suit Looks pretty garbage but it's a stable shield.  It's brown and silvery and it's gross but it can do a lot more for you than you can imagine. Decreases damage on Fandro or any of his friends by 10%.  Mildly useful. 30 coins Yes
Bronze Armor A bronze shield that always won third place in shield contests.  There's a reason for it - it's rusty and cracked in some places.  Poor armor. Decreases damage on Fandro or any his friends by 20%.  Quite useful. 50 coins Yes


Name Description Effect Price Found in stages?
Boiler A small device that conjures a healthy soup over time.  It's small and can be conveniently be placed in your mouth although it tastes like lead. Once a total of sixty seconds have passed, the device will activate and restore all health. 40 coins Yes
Jetpack The generic device that flies you high in the air.  I mean you have wings but this can carry you higher!  Made by the untrustable Geo Neo Inc. The jetpack carries you high into the air, past your normal flight level.  It's useful in vertical shafts. 60 coins Yes
Lottery It's actually pretty useless. It doesn't do anything. 1000 cns. No


Book'r Factory Engine Mayor Jugee Arcana²
Scorpar Rich Mob Trashard King KrunchKake
Rich Mob² Rich Gate System Dissonance Temple Guardian
Vhale Melting Pot Spirit Arcana Gould
Zadico Richard King KrunchKake² Zadico²


  • The original name for the game was Fandro RPG, but when the game's concept went under a new style, the name changed to Demolish Nation.
    • As such, Demolish Nation started out as RPG-esque game.

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