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Delion (Conscript)
Full Name Delion
Current Age 23
Date of Birth September 29
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Wahotria, Vemedis
Align True Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class N/A
Main Weapon(s) Hydrokinesis
Element(s) Water
Ability/ies Hydrokinesis
Vulnerable To unknown
Height 6ft 10in
Weight 173 lbs
Sexuality Straight
First Appearance Conscript
Latest Appearance Conscript
Series ConscriptLogo
Kingdom of Hawotria
Family and Relations
King Darius (Father)
Queen Delilah
Unnamed Brother
Heir to the Throne

This character is owned by Flamingo. Ask permission before editing or using him, thanks!

Only doing this because of my father, you do know that, right?

Delion is a playable character in Conscript.


Delion is a real stoic who has no real motivation in life, and is always being told what to do. He isn't fond of talking but he engages in conversation so he doesn't feel bored all the time. Delion has also not taken any real interest in anything and is basically a blank slate.



Gwyndol has a little one-sided crush on Delion who is completely oblivious to her advances. They both apparently come from Vemedis and frequently talk about the state of the planet. Gwyndol is also fascinated with Delion's power and his father's curse, aiming to find how he got the former and how to cure the latter, out of blind love.


Nihonus is always pushing Delion to fight with him, but he feels thrown off that Delion seems to lack emotion or motivation.


Gaea, and by extension, Ragaddon, feels threatened by Delion because of the natural matchup of their two power sets, so Gaea always commands Ragaddon always stays away from Delion to prevent early losses.

Tim Tim

Tim Tim thinks Delion is awesome and always pegs the latter with questions, much to Delion's chagrin. Delion is, however, impressed by Tim Tim's ability to hold his own in a fight.


Khaa'vul has always lost to Delion, so Khaa'vul's top priority is to finally beat Delion and winning The Conscript.

Sir Pent

Sir Pent and Delion come from two rival kingdoms so Sir Pent always feels uneasy around Delion, although he doesn't want to show it. After having found out Delion was the prince of Hawotria, Sir Pent is always finding excuses to fight Delion, to honour Pythonia.


Eres relates to Delion, always being pushed around, but unlike Eres, Delion doesn't want to or even feel like stand up to the mad king. Eres pushes Delion to become more vocal, and they train with each other due to their similar powers.


Delion is the second son of King Darius and Queen Deliliah, who rule the kingdom of Hawotria, located on the planet Vemedis. He became the prince, because his older brother was a bastard son. He was born with the power to control water, which made him popular among his people. As he grew up, he learnt how to use his power to help his kingdom, like fending off attackers, providing clean water, and doing tricks to amuse people.

The king slowly got driven to madness by unknown causes, and as a result of this he killed the Queen and drove the kingdom into chaos, leaving only Delion to sort it all out. When King Darius got word of an arena which reportedly counts down to a tournament that gives out a wish to the winner, he sent Delion off to compete in the first Conscript. Unbeknownst to Delion, the king placed a curse on him that laid a toll on his son's health whenever he failed to win the Conscript.

In the Conscript, Delion met a few worthy foes but ultimately he lost to Viola. Immediately after losing, Delion convulsed in pain and he had to be healed. After going back to Hawotria, King Darius glared at him with disappointment and now everyday, he is forced to train for the next Conscript. The more Conscripts he losed, the more sickly he got.

Conscript Moveset

Occasionally, puddles may form after attacks, which make opponents slip on the stage. Attacks directed down will always create a puddle.

  • Dextral Throw - Delion makes the hand throw the target forwards.
  • Sinistral Throw - Delion makes the hand throw the target behind him.
  • Topper Throw - Delion makes the hand toss the target upwards.
  • Neather Throw - Delion makes the hand smack the target into the ground.
Move Name Controls Description
Light Attack Sharp Water PS4 Cross

Delion quickly slashes with a forceful swipe of water (called a water blade), hard enough to cut a few inches into steel.

  • Light Dextral - Delion slices forward.
  • Light Sinistral - Delion moves the water to slice, then he spins it around.
  • Light Topper - Delion slices up, in an arc.
  • Light Neather - Delion slices down.
Heavy Attack Aqueous Cloak PS4 Circle Delion cloaks a limb with highly-pressurised water to hit a target with.
  • Heavy Dextral - Delion fires off a cloaked punch.
  • Heavy Sinistral - Delion hits what's behind him with cloaked elbows.
  • Heavy Topper - Delion uppercuts with a cloaked fist.
  • Heavy Neather - Delion pounds with his cloaked fists down.
Ability Replenish PS4 Triangle

If Delion's water supply is gone, he replenishes it by drawing from the atmosphere. This takes a considerable amount of time, but his water supply is large, so an exhausted water supply would only come twice a round depending on how much attacks you use.

Chain  Splish Splash PS4 CrossPS4 CrossPS4 Cross Delion swipes twice with two water blades then combines the blades into a small concentrated blast.
  • Dextral Chain
  • Sinistral Chain - Delion swipes from the back as he turns around to fire the blast.
  • Topper Chain - Delion swipes up.
  • Neather Chain - Delion swipes down and the blast disperses into the ground.
Chain Knee-Deep PS4 CirclePS4 CirclePS4 Circle Delion punches, kicks, then uses both hands to smack the target into the ground.
  • Dextral Chain
  • Sinistral Chain - Delion turns around to do this.
  • Topper Chain - Instead of smacking the target into the ground, Delion smacks the opponent to the side.
  • Neather Chain - Delion does this at the ground. 
Chain  Wipe Out PS4 CrossPS4 CirclePS4 Circle Delion generates a huge wave of water to let down on the target.
Chain Hose Down PS4 CirclePS4 CrossPS4 Cross Delion fires a spherical blast of water.
  • Topper Chain - Delion fires the blast upwards.
  • Neather Chain - Delion fires the blast at the ground, giving him a lift.
Long Grab Cloak Hold PS4 L1 + PS4 Dpad Front Delion forms a hand out of water to reach out and grab a target.
  • Dextral Grab
  • Sinistral Grab - Delion directs the hand to the back of him.
  • Topper Grab  
  • Neather Grab 
Throws - PS4 L1 (while grabbing)
  • Dextral Throw - Delion makes the hand throw the target forwards.
  • Sinistral Throw - Delion makes the hand throw the target behind him.
  • Topper Throw - Delion makes the hand toss the target upwards.
  • Neather Throw - Delion makes the hand smack the target into the ground.
Block Hydro Sphere PS4 R1 Delion encases himself in water.
Anvil Sinking Feeling PS4 R1

(in air)

Delion weighs himself down by cloaking himself with water.
Grandiose PS4 R2 + PS4 L2 The Red Sea Delion forms a giant hurricane, which rips through the stage, tossing Delion's opponents all over. The hurricane then disperses, dropping everyone down on the floor, into a heavy rain, pummelling everyone into the ground. A sea is formed out of the rain, leaving everyone to float to the top, beaten up. The water level lowers, ending the Grandiose.


  • Delion was the fourth character conceptualised for The Conscript.

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