CHARACTER ICONE - Copie (3) - Copie
During his travels through the inner Clock Tower, Link will run across a tree bearing a resemblance to a Deku Scrub, which Tatl even points out as looking like Link.[6] During the ending credits cutscene, the Deku Butler (who lost his son[7]) is seen standing near the tree, implying that the tree is his son, most likely killed by Skull Kid, who then used that spirit to transform Link. In the Majora's Mask manga, it is said that the Butler's son looked exactly like Deku Link, and we find out that the Deku Princess was in love with him.

Heart  90%
Might -1
Protection -1
Speed +1.25
Magik +0.75
distance +0.25


Type mouverest  mouverest
Classic-Attacks: swirl
Special Attack-Normal swirl
Special Attack-Side headbutt
Special Attack-Top magik gum
-Special Attack Down fire gum
Distance-Attacks nuts mojo
-Defensive Attacks sheel
-Final Smash Deku Emerald

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