Degenerator, or just Degen, in Elite Fisticuffs plays interestingly. She at first moves slowly but begins moving quicker after walking for a second. Her jumps are fast and short.


  • B - Crowbar Whack: A heavy but relatively slow swimg from a crowbar.
  • B>/B< - Violent Roll: Degen rolls quickly to the side causing damage to her opponents.
  • B^ - Quickstep: Degen quickly jumps up from a seemingly invisible platform in midair.
  • BV - Crowbarrier: Degen crouches while a shield of crowbars protects her. It will eventually dissipate and must be recharged.
  • Ultimate Skill - Miranda22: Degenerator transforms into "Miranda". Anywhere she goes decreaxes in quality and thus will hurt the characters. At the end, she begins 'ZLOL'-ing very loudly causing explosions wherever she went.

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