Sora (tbc)'s artwork of Degen.

Degenerator, a.k.a. Degen or, affectionately, Deggy, is a character based on a recurring Fantendo user of the same name. Her ridiculously threatening nature and high ego led to her being a popular choice for fan projects, such as the Fighters of Lapis Series, FSMBX, and Elite Fisticuffs.


Little is known about Degen's childhood, but we do know that she once threatened to murder Cobweb with a crowbar, which she now uses as her main weapon. She eventually grew less insane, but now seeks revenge on those who have underestimated her for her former insanity.

Elite Fisticuffs

Degen makes her first Baby Waffle appearance in this game.

Fighters of Lapis Series

Degen appears in this series as a much more prominent character. She is a recurring villain in the series, having been destroyed by Mai Sherauni and others in the timeline of FoL 1-3. In the new timeline (which begins at Fighters of Lapis 4), she takes her form from Lapis Life.

The Mysterious Five Project

Degen is an antagonist in this game. She is Mandark's master, at least in the universe in which the events of FoL hadn't happened yet. She plans to find a way to use Irregular 's power to create a new universe that she will take for herself.


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