Defend the Kingdom!
Developer(s) TeamTiger
Publisher(s) N/A
Platform(s) N/A
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action - Strategy
Media Included N/A
Defend the Kingdom! its a multiplayer action/strategy game that takes place on the Skelderland Kingdom, a Middle-age (or Medieval Period) Kingdom that is many times under attack, and you must defend and protect your kingdom of being dominated by the other lands. That is just the story mode.


Story Mode



Online Mode is the main and most awesome mode of Defend the Kingdom! In Online Mode you have 3 Differents ways to play


You need to protect your buildings and castles, if the other team destroy all your castles/buildings your team lose, but you still alive and can take revenge, but you will still for 5 Minutes more, and then, you are out. The objective is to destroy all buildings of your enemies. You can repair your buildings too!

Protect the Orb!

In this mode, the buildings doesnt matter, just one thing, the orb, the other teams will try to destroy your orb, and if that happen you still alive, but you can only respawn if your Orb still alive, if you die and your orb is destroyed, sorry, you are out! Every team has an orb and you need to destroy it now! They are going to be chests in the ground with some items, but they are very rare.


You can still choose your team/land, Kits and everything, but you wont fight more people, you will fight invasions of monsters, evil creatures and...Aliens? The point is to kill every alien in the kingdom before they kill you, every wave it comes, its stro ger than the last one, so you can buy things with the money the enemies drop you to upgrade your things or buy more. 

Cooperate and Protect!

There is another mode in Cooperate! besides the original, Protect and Cooperate! What is this? You will face waves and enemies, but you need to protect the Villagers, People and other NPC's of the monsters, in this mode there's gonna be 2 Guardians every 10 Waves, they are slow, but powerful, they help you. And every 15 waves two Destructors will appear, they have the same abilities and stats of the Guardians, but they attack the players and guardians.


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