Deepest Dungeon is a survival/adventure game that involves the exploration of a world lost in darkness, which has many mysteries hidden in the world.The game is for the Blizzard X and is set to be released in 2016.

Major Characters

Character Description
Jared The protagonist and the character who you play as for most of the game. Aran is an older teenager who stumbled across a new world one day and plans to explore it, but trouble might be ahead.
The Darkness The Main antagonist who is originally introduced as a thing until Aran first encounters The Darkness. The Darkness plans to shroud the world in darkness and claim it as his.
The Dungeon Keeper The secondary antagonist who is the creator of the dungeons but is only seen through cutscenes and pictures.Though his voice will echo throughout specific dungeons and a statue of him is fought two times during the game.
Lunastruction The keeper of the Dark Moon and the final boss of the game, Lunastruction is a shadow figure who was once a god but was banished onto the moon. The Darkness summons her down to the world and they team up together.

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