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Deep Interest is maybe a story, maybe a random thing in my head.


The Timeless Saga

  • 1 (The unbirth of the Rocks and introduction of the Administrators)
  • 2 (Introduction of the Cyclops, Cyclers, Knowers, and the four basic types of creatures in a species. Also, Boulder, Limestone and Poprock appear)
  • 3 (Boulder, Limestone and Poprock get there jobs, names, and objects and the Rocks name is revealed)
  • 4 (Boulder finds a basic lifestyle but he knows it won't work for long)
  • 5 (A better lifestyle is formed)



  • Boulder is the Defender of the Rocks.
  • Limestone is the Creator of the Rocks.
  • Poprock is the Entertainer of the Rocks.
  • The Destiny of the Rocks is not yet revealed.

World Creators

In order of rank:

Below the Knowers is the Species, which do not help run the worlds - they are the things that live in the worlds.

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