Deceive is a character created by User:1337doom as the fourth strongest monster for Mythical Mystery Dungeon, and the final non-optional boss. He has no true form - instead he impersonates other people, however what sets Deceive apart from the people he copies is Deceive will usually be wearing green clothes, green skin, or some other bit of green. He is an Imitation.

Deceive impersonating Tucker
Full Name Deceive
Current Age 21
Gender Male
Location N/A
Current Status Alive
Class Doppelganger
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) N/A
Ability/ies Shapechange, Insanity
Vulnerable To  ???
"Tucker", The Strange Tucker, Evil Clone Of (insert name here), Lucky Charms (whilst hallucinating)
Latest Appearance Mythical Mystery Dungeon


While normally level-headed, it is no doubt that Deceive definitely has something wrong in his brain. This often leads to twisted smiles for no reason, suddenly running out of the room, and switching sides in mid-battle, only to join his original allies when the fight is over. While not acting crazy, he still is a bit of a jerk and probably won't defend his friends if it means he will somehow get hurt. His goals are unclear - instead, he helps people when it makes life easier for him. He has dropped hints at greater motives at times - but he detests to them when confronted.

Mythical Mystery Dungeon Info

Deceive is fought at the final floor of the Myth Dungeon, which is the 60th floor, inside Green Chamber. He is the fourth-most powerful monster in the game, and gives off a ridiculous amount of EXP. Once you defeat him, he drops the Fan's Phylactery, which you have to bring all the way up to the top floor of the dungeon and enter the Fourth Wall to deliver the object to the gods. Deceive is often confused with Decieve, a false version of the monster that drops the Fan's Amulet, a fake version of the Phylactery.