Debru the evil
ugly grey dragon
Current Age 100000 years old
Gender male
Location demon place
Current Status hatred
Class Villian
pillow 8 comp
Main Weapon(s) fire flight invisibility mind control
Ability/ies he is able to turn invisible.take controll over and breath a demon's fire.
Vulnerable To bravery
Evil dragon Wrath's dragon
First Appearance Jocket(game)
Latest Appearance in progress
Debru was created by humans sin:Wrath.He destroys continents.He almost destroyed China until Jocket's great great great great grand father locked him away.He plotted revenge on the family tree of jockets relatives.One time he was unleashed by a girl.She wanted immortality.She was tricked and Debru took over her.Now he waited for Jocket.He learned that jocket was a cuisine maker.He went to the king and told about his food.The king sent a letter.Jocket proud didnt expect it was Debrus trick.When Jocket came ,he saw the king trapped and debru shown his true form.He managed to eat jockets feet and hands.Distracted,jocket escaped.Debru sent enemies to kill jocket.Later they met and fought a deadly battle.Jocket was victorious but,when Debru fused with the mind controlled girl.He shown his gigantic humonoid form.Defeated,he faked his death amd fled.He then appears in more jocket games.and waits to strike.


He is pure evil itself in the form of a dragon whos skin is relative to wrath.He holds a grudge on the jocket family.He likes putting his hatred on everybody else.He likes the fallen souls of people.He has rough grey skin.He has a serphants eye.He has big rough wings.


He is able to breathe fire.He can fly enormous hieghts.He is able to mind controll people.
Debrus humanoid form

debrus humonoid form

He can fuse with the host and turn into his humanoid form.

He can lay curses on the weak.In humanoid form he caan use fire punches, get out his fire sword, and do multiple blasts.

He can drive people insane with hatred.


The jocket relatives:He holds a grudge on the jockets because the great x4 grand father locked him up.

Bad guys:He loves bad guys and tries to make them join his team

People with wrath:He likes the people who hate.It entertains them.He keeps them alive until he has no use to them.

Others:He likes killing them for sport.


  • He is the dragon of wrath
  • Even though he respresents wrath,He seems to have gluttony.Due to the fact he likes eating people
  • He likes the color grey.This might mean he made himself grey,so it might not be his real color.