Full Name Deathscar
Current Age over 1,000,000,000 centuries old
Date of Birth unknown
Gender unknown (male in the website)
Class demonic villain
Destructive Seven
Main Weapon(s) dark powers, attacks that can cause instant death
Ability/ies darkness
Vulnerable To light (very strong light)
First Appearance Renan: Dr. Mewtwo's Biggest Revenge
Latest Appearance n/a
Deathscar (known as the Ultimate Lord of Darkness) is an Ancient Darkrai who was the very first ruler of the PokeMutant World and the main antagonist in Renan: Dr. Mewtwo's Biggest Revenge. He was the one who started the war to the PokeMutant World, until the Shine Emperor shows up, stopped the war, and imprisoned him to Mountains of Darkness with his powers. He is the leader of the Destructive Seven.


Deathscar is even worse than the Shadow Lord, being very cruel and ruthless towards the Pokemon in the PokeMutant World, since he made them fight with each other and started the war. He is also very scary towards everyone else, even the Shadow Lord still has respect for him.


Renan: Dr. Mewtwo's Biggest Revenge

Deathscar was the one responsible for all the destructive natures of the Pokemon in the PokeMutant World, until the Shine Emperor came and stopped Deathscar's reign of terror by banishing him to the Mountains of Darkness. There, the Shadow Lord learns about him, and plans to free him with his plans to destroy the Shine Emperor. Deathscar was then destroyed by Ultimate Renan: EXE Mode Mode for good.