Tower of Death is an upcoming MMORPG for the PC being developed by Vortex Gaming Industries and Cryptic Studios. It focuses on a team of explorers trying to determine the mysteries behind an ancient tower.


A team of explorers arrives on an island in the middle of a thunderstorm, hurrying to set up a small camp in the outer court of what appears to be a crumbling fortress. As they set up tents for shelter, lightning flashes and the eerie shape of a skull appears against a tower that looms over the complex.

The next day, the explorers venture into the tower, each of them wielding a pistol for defense. They enter into a large chamber, believed to be an ancient assembly hall, and begin to examine a large pedestal in the middle of the room, however when they try to step down from the pedestal, the floor around them crumbles into a lava pit below. As the pedestal starts to fall, the crystal in the center of it flashes and the group finds themselves teleported to the top of a tower next to the main one.

Entering through a wooden door, they find a rack with enough weapons and tools for each of them to take one, once they do so the floor under them crumbles and they plummet onto a stone platform in the middle of a large chamber. Realizing that they need to gather the keys in the room to escape, they begin to work to unlock the door in the room.

Countless chambers later, the group reach a doorway to the outside, but when they try to walk through it they are dropped down into the basement of the tower...

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