Death Sentences is the series premiere of Series 3 of Super Mario. It aired on 12th October, 2015. It continues the events of Death Sentences.

This episode marks the debut appearance of Iago Koopa, Bowser's crazy nephew, and the Oareos, his own personal minions.



Rievoah, Wario and Police Guy enter Bowser's Castle. Bowser says that if they want to face him, they will need to fight Morton, Iggy, Ludwig, Roy and Wendy. BJ Toast also sneaks in to provide commentary.

As the Koopalings head off to do their duty, Bowser asks Lemmy where Larry is. Lemmy is unsure, so Bowser forces him to look for him via his clown car.

Rievoah comes across a shop, owned by Mini Bowser. Rievoah goes out and buys a Fire Flower, but she notices an engagement ring. She buys it, and tells Mini Bowser that she is going to ask Toad to marry her. Mini Bowser looks shocked at this, and tells Rievoah that he once had a crush on Toadette until he was temporarily kicked out of the Koopa Troop. He still wishes Rievoah luck on her challenge.

The trio continue onward. Rievoah races forward into a bog room. Wario and Police Guy get locked out, however, by a closing gate. Roy appears and taunts towards Rievoah. Suddenly, however, Iago Koopa appears and tells Roy to flee to a different room, saying he will take care of Rievoah. Iago sends down a Cheep Cheep which he turns giant with his wand. BJ Toast provides annoying commentary as they are about to fight. Rievoah tries to attack Iago by punching him, but he teleports. Rievoah takes down the Cheep Chep by grabbing its tail and knocking it out of the castle's window.

Rievoah reunites with Wario and Police Guy and they continue forward into a room where the other five Koopalings and Bowser are waiting for them.

Meanwhile, Lemmy is looking for Larry. He finds him with Berinda, who is sick. Lemmy approaches Larry, telling him that he is missing the event where they take down Rievoah, Wario and Police Guy. As Berinda is about to react, however, Larry tells Lemmy to go away. Lemmy follows Larry's orders, but warns him that he has had a lot of warnings, and that he may be exiled from the Koopa Troop.

Rievoah, Wario and Police Guy enter the room and challenge the five Koopalings. Unfortunately, the three are defeated and taken to Bowser's "court". They are all confirmed "guilty for bullying the Koopa family" and sentenced the death penalty.

The three are escorted by Bowser Jr., Lemmy and Morton, with Mini Bowser shaking his head in dissapointment. They are sent to a room with Reznor in it. Iago shuts the door behind them. Three of the Reznor come towards them (the fourth one is sick, possibly affected by the curse). Police Guy tries to shoot them with a gun, but they just eat the bullets and spit them back at him. One of the Reznor, then takes a step back and charges at them. The three all run and duck, and the Reznor charges into the cage, bringing it down.

Shocked that they escaped, Bowser Jr. chases them into the throne room, where Bowser, Mini Bowser and the Koopalings (minus Larry) are talking to each other. Police Guy manages to fly over the bunch, distracting everyone. Wario and Rievoah then run behind the throne. Rievoah picks up a giant purple marble, with Mini Bowser saying "Throw it!", Rievoah tosses the marble at Bowser. Suddenly, they all look out of the castle windows and see all the purple air clearing up. BJ Toast then uses his flying platform to fly down and tell everybody that the trio saved everyone.

Rievoah, Wario and Police Guy then leave the castle, with everybody including Mario, Princess Peach, Berinda, Larry and everybody else cheering them. Though Waluigi complains, and says that he could easily have done this himself, with Toadokay nodding his head. Just then, Rievoah tells Toad to follow her to a cliff. She presence to him the engagement ring. Toad looks very shocked at this, but just as his is about to answer, Wario and Toadokay appear and tell them they are missing a party that is being held.


  • DJ Khaled's song Go Hard is heard on a radio player in Mini Bowser's shop.
  • This episode will be the longest episode in the show so far, at 19 minutes and 51 seconds.
  • This episode confirms Mini Bowser and Toadette were once in a relationship, possibly some point around Mario Party 6.
  • This is Iago Koopa's debut.

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