Death Koopa

Death Koopa is an adopted son of Bowser's. He is the son of a mighty power who has no name at the moment. Death Koopa is very quick and agile but also very mean, he hates almost everyone. He also has his own minions. His wand can turn into a sword. A fiery sword of epic proportions. He cannot be defeated by any of Bowser's children. Yet. He likes to fight a lot and will have battles with anyone who gets in his way. He despises Bowser and all his minions, but also despises Mario and the mushroom Kingdom. He only really likes his own minions, his father and someone else who is unknown at the moment.

Physical appearance

Death is known to look exactly like one of Bowser's sons, Larry Koopa, safe for the red wig color, his red shell, orange star on the face and a black bandanna with a skull on it.


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