Death Battle Xenoverse is a game created by GamerTendo. It is based off Dragon Ball Xenoverse, however replacing it with the characters, fights, and areas of ScrewAttack's Death Battle.

Death Battle Xenoverse
Death Battle Xenoverse
Death Battle Xenoverse Boxart
Developer(s) Nintendo


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Story Mode

Battle Mode

Genre(s) Fighting
Series Mario

Dragon Ball Z Marvel Sonic Legend of Zelda Several others

Cost $59.99 (When released)

$49.99 (In some stores later after released) $39.99 (In some stores later after released)


Playable Characters

(Note: * Represents a character that has to be unlocked)

Season 1 Fighters

Season 2 Fighters

Season 3 Fighters

One Minute Melee Fighters

Story Mode

Character Customization

Battle Mode

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