Death (Auras)
Full Name Death IV
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Aura's Junkyard

Death IV, more commonly referred to as just Death, is a major character in the Auras series. He is the fourth mortal form of Death on Junkyard. Rather than traditionally reaping souls, these versions of Death only exist to ensure that all mortals eventually die. Despite being an incarnation of Death, he is optimistic most of the time.


The first human embodiment of Death originated from a planet with residents that were angered at him for allowing the deaths of their loved ones. In a unanimous vote by a court, he was sentenced to death via hanging. However, immediately after he was killed, his former body burned itself and a new incarnation was born from the ashes. His second form decided to leave for a new planet, soon landing on Junkyard. Unfortunately, while traveling, he had a large lack of water and food which he was somehow not aware of, and he died once more. His third form found Firefly Town and lived for a total of 77 years before dying of old age. Death IV was born a few weeks after Aura Synesthesia was found. He befriended Aura when she was about 6 years old.


Death IV has short black hair and pale skin. He has gray eyes and wears a black hoodie with a pointed hood. He also sports black pants and shoes. He also carries around a sphere that, at his command, can turn into a scythe. Other than his scythe, which he has had since his first form, he chose his appearance to be modeled after the Grim Reaper, a depiction of Death.


  • His reincarnation process was mainly inspired by the phoenix, a mythical being that burns upon death and is reborn from its ashes.