Death Character
Death is a mysterious knight
Full Name Death
Current Age 17
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Sheikah
Location Unknown
Current Status alive
Class Mysterious knight
Family and Relations
Vulnerable To Unknown
First Appearance The Legend Of Zelda Battle Royal
Latest Appearance The Legend Of Zelda Battle Royal

Death you can use in your games without problem just you should not say that the work is done by you thank you


Death of the Son Ganondorf is a mysterious warrior but he has decided to put the fight in The Legend Of Zelda Battle Royal as a playable character

Fighting Style

The style of Combat Death is strange because usually strikes Death Still in the second but it is about to reach its target when attacking last. There are sword fighting with death

The Legend Of Zelda Battle Royal Serie

In The Legend Of Zelda Battle Royal Death is a secret playable character it just be unlocked by finishing the adventure mode version héroique.Death is very accurate and very fast but often attacking his guard down

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