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Deadpool and Voice #1.

Deadpool is a live-action series based on the comic book of the same name. It was announced that it would start production in February 11, 2014 and it start being broadcasted in May 2015. Deadpool is played by an stunt actor and voiced by Nolan North like in the video game adaptation of the series.



Wade Wilson is a former test subject of the Weapon X program, possessing a regenerative healing factor (like that of Wolverine), as well as an unstable compiling of other "Weapon X" experiments. Deadpool's powers and personality traits combine to make a wild, mentally unstable, and unpredictable mercenary. Deadpool is a former member of X-Force, a self-professed member of the X-Men and Avengers and has recently joined the Thunderbolts. The "Merc with a Mouth" is infamous for breaking the fourth wall.


Main Characters

  • Nolan North as Deadpool (Wade Wilson)
  • TBA as Voice #1
  • TBA as Voice #2

Supporting Cast

  • TBA as Weasel (Jack Hammer)
  • TBA as Blind Al (Althea)
  • TBA as Patch (Bob Stirrat)


  • TBA as Taskmaster


Season 1

No. in
No. in
Title Info
01 01 Merc With A Mouth, Part 1 Deadpool is hired to steal a weapon from the Bolivian goverment and give it to the local revolutionaries. He does so, but he gets false money instead of real money that he was promised to have. He kills them and later recieves another mission, this time to blow up an unnammed research station.
01.2 02 Merc With A Mouth, Part 2 Deadpool goes to the unnamed research station only to discover that it is powered by Gamma Radiation and if that it blows up it will cause a nuclear disaster to the entire Southern Hemisphere. Deadpool now has to return to the bomb location and disarm it before it explodes.
02 03 That Wacky Doctor's Game Deadpool finds out that Weasel was kidnapped and thanks to a special homing bacon, Deadpool discovers that Weasel was being held on the Taskmaster's Academy and he tries to get Weasel back... only to be captured by the Taskmaster. Deadpool wakes up chained and sees Weasel, who is not chained. Weasel explains to Deadpool that the Taskmaster offered him a job and he is thinking about if he should take it or not.
03 04 Love Is All Around N/A
04 05 Deadpool Vs. Hulk N/A
05 06 The Battle for Wade Wilson's Soul N/A
06 07 Return of the Vamp N/A
07 08 Deadpool Vs. T-Ray N/A
08 09 We Don't Need Another Hero N/A
09 10 And Now For Something Completely Different N/A
10 11 The Great Lakes Avengers N/A
11 12 Friendly Neighbor Deadpool N/A
12 13 Syrin and the Drowning Man, Part 1 N/A
12.2 14 Syrin and the Drowning Man, Part 2 N/A
13 15 Fallout N/A
14 16 Deadpool Goes to Greece N/A
15 17 The Giant Man N/A
16 18 The Payback, Part 1 N/A
16.2 19 The Payback, Part 2 N/A
17 20 Wade Wilson's Day Off N/A
18 21 Deadpool's Destiny, Part 1 N/A
18.2 22 Deadpool's Destiny, Part 2 N/A
18.3 23 Deadpool's Destiny, Part 3 N/A
18.4 24 Deadpool's Destiny, Part 4 N/A
18.5 25 Deadpool's Destiny, Part 5 N/A
19 26 Head Full Of Cheese N/A
20 27 Deadpool vs. Wolverine N/A

Season 2

No. in
No. in
Title Info
21 01 Guess Who's Back N/A
22 02 The Dead Rising N/A
23 03 Deadpool Go Away N/A
24 04 Giving Up on the Ghost N/A
25 05 Who Is Deadpool? N/A
26 06 Deadpool vs. T-Ray, Again N/A
27 07 Chapter X, Verse 1 N/A
27.2 08 Chapter X, Verse 2 N/A
27.3 09 Chapter X, Verse 3 N/A
27.4 10 Chapter X, Verse 4 feat. Thor N/A
28 11 Johnny Handsome N/A
28.2 12 Johnny Handsome, Part 2 N/A
29 13 Spacepool N/A
30 14 Episode IV: A New Wade N/A
31 15 A True American Zero N/A
32 16 The Menaced Phantom N/A
33 17 How To Trap A Deadpool N/A
34 18 The Life and Death of Johnny Handsome N/A
35 19 Cruel Summer, Part 1 N/A
35.2 20 Cruel Summer, Part 2 N/A
35.3 21 Cruel Summer, Part 3 N/A
36 22 Wilson. Wade Wilson. N/A
37 23 The Promise, Part 1 N/A
37.2 24 The Promise, Part 2 N/A
38 25 Mercy Sisters, Part 1 N/A
38.2 26 Mercy Sisters, Part 2 N/A
39 27 End of the Road, Part 1 N/A
39.2 28 End of the Road, Part 2 N/A
40 29 Going Out With A Bang! N/A

Season 3

No. in
No. in
Title Info
41 01 Weapon X, Part 1 N/A
41.2 02 Weapon X, Part 2 N/A
41.3 03 Weapon X, Part 3 N/A
41.4 04 Weapon X, Part 4 N/A
42 05 Funeral for a Freak, Part 1 N/A
42.2 06 Funeral for a Freak, Part 2 N/A
42.3 07 Funeral for a Freak, Part 3 N/A
42.4 08 Funeral for a Freak, Part 4 N/A
43 09 Healing Factor, Prologue N/A
43.2 10 Healing Factor, Chapter One N/A
44 11 Buddy Picture N/A
43.3 12 Healing Factor, Chapter Two N/A
43.4 13 Healing Factor, Finale N/A

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