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Deadpool, the Guy who won't Die
Full Name Casey Robinson
Current Age late teens
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species Genetically-enhanced Human
Location New York City, New York, USA.
Formerly Vancounver, British Columbia, Canada.
Align Independent
Current Status Alive
Class Mercenary/Vigilante
Main Weapon(s) Twin Katanas,
Fully-automatic Sub-machine Guns,
High-powered Sniper Rifle,
Customized Rocket Launcher,
Titanium-cabled Grappling Gun.
Ability/ies Superhuman Agility.
Nationality Canada
Ethnicity English-Canadian
Sexuality Straight
Series Marvel Mainstream
Okay, seriously, why do people always question my sanity when it is very clear that I don't have any? I'm DEADPOOL. Of course I'm insane! It's in the job description!
Deadpool, getting annoyed with people asking about his sanity.

 Casey Robinson, otherwise known as the Deadpool successor, came out of nowhere to prove himself as the true successor to Deadpool's mantle; so far, he's done a pretty good job at it.


Out of the Blue

Although his name was revealed to be Casey Robinson, it is unknown where he came from or how he got his powers, but it is clear he revered Deadpool enough to model himself after him.

(More Coming Soon)

The New Generation



While he's not the exact same as Wade Wilson's Deadpool, he does reflct Wade in many ways: he incessantly prattles on, has an obsession for long words, and is borderline maniacal on several definitions.

(More Coming Soon)




Hey, Hope! Didn't think you'd show up he--(man curses offpanel, interrupting him; Casey kills him with a gunshot, then sighs)- some people have no manners.

Well, if I had to guess, I'd say Carnage went off his meds again.



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