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Full Name Deadorian
Gender Male/Female
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Cursed Enigma - (2012)

Deadorians (pronounced: Dee-a-door-eye-ans) are enemies in the Cursed Enigma (Series). They appear in World 34-37 in Cursed Enigma, and reappears again later in Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm.


Deadorians are shadows that are encased in a bronze knight's armour. They have red eyes and no feet.


Deadorians are common enemies that appear in castle areas, in the Deadorian region. Their first appearances are in World 34, where they guard the base of the Deadorians. They later reappear in World's 35, 36 and 37, where they appear very commonly. There are also a few in World 39 and 40.


Cursed Enigma

Deadorians appear as enemies in some worlds of the game. They can be defeated by smashing the armour and letting the shadow free or having the shadow sucked out with the Shadow Magnet.

Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm

Deadorians reappear in the sequel, where they must be fought again, in exactly the same way. They appear in World 10, the Sky Temple, when Robo, resurrects many locations and boss battles from Cursed Enigma.


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