Deadly Cliffs
Greater Location Dinosaur Land
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Current Ruler Page Mage
The Deadly Cliffs was an area in Super Mario: An Evil Rising.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising


When Luigi arrives at the cliffs, he goes up to the castle and discovers the castle is cardboard. When Luigi encounters the Page Mage after going a little farther, he encounters the Page Mage and battles him with the Behemoth Wand. After the battle, the volcano begins to erupt and Luigi takes the Page Mage Spellbook and heads to Primate Land.

The Mushroom Behemoth Apocalypse

When the Mushroom Behemoth appears, it begins to go on a rampage across the Mushroom Kingdom. Thanks to the eruption and tremors, the cliffs fall apart, the face on the volcano disappears, and the island becomes larger by 10%.

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