Dead Man's Ship is a destroyed ship in the pacific ocean owned by Ghost Dave, it is the 3rd world of Super Mario : Raving Rabbids, Ghost Rabbids appear in this world, it is ruled by Ghost Dave, it is a wrecked and Destroyed ship


Level(s) Description Objective(s)
Dead Ship You go on a boat to a old destroyed ship Find the exit.
Dead Man's Locker You get sucked into a dimension when you opened a locker!, Escape this dimension! Survive until time runs out.
Devil's Chasm You escaped the dimension, but you wont get here easy, this is the Devil's Chasm! Destroy 4 ghost cameras.
Deadly Ghost Chase This ain't a race!, its a curse!, Escape the Undead Crews' ghost! Escape the Undead Crew.
Old Poop Deck You had succesfully escape the ghosts, but you are on a old Slimy, POOP DECK! Find the exit.
Crow's Nest You escaped the poop deck this time, you encounter Ghost Dave in the crow's nest!

Defeat Ghost Dave to pass

Boss Battle

You must be Grim Reaper Mario in this battle, in this battle, Ghost Dave will throw his Hook like a boomerang at you, you must either jump it or duck it, after the hook comes back, You must get on several ropes that appears when the hook comes back and jump from rope to rope, after reaching Ghost Dave, you must slash him with the scythe, dealing damage, this method must be repeated 3 times for the boss to be defeated, after doing this, Ghost Dave will be knocked out and release a new costume which is a Pirate Costume, it includes a Peg Leg, a Pirate bandana, and a Captain hat, a black beard, a pirate eyepatch, and a pirate outfit.


  • It is named after a level called Dead Man's Ship with the same name
  • This ship bares a resamblance to the Flying Dutchman, Except Dead Man's Ship is wrecked and destroyed.

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