Dead island 2 logo
Developer(s) 12 11 7
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) SEW'N Transfer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Zombie Hack and Slash
Series Dead Island
Dead Island 2 is a sequel to Dead Island. It is considered much less serious and less realistic than the original Dead Island.


This game is first person.



You choose one out of 4 characters to play as, and this will be the character you play as in the whole game.

Image Name Description Health Strength Speed
TBC TBA TBA 95 78 77
John mogwai 3d attempt John Mogwai TBA 75 84 91
Dead island 2 ella metals Ella Metals TBA 97 87 64
TBC Melice TBA 83 90 77

Major NPCs



Image Name Rarity Where to find
TBC Zombie Common Everywhere
TBC Infected Medium Buildings


Image Name What it does Where to find
Dead island 2 summoner orb Bowling Balls Damages opponent. Suitcases and inside houses
Dead island 2 milk Milk Bottles Throw at zombies. Outside houses
Brick Brick Throw at zombies, and smash windows. On the floor.


  • This game was shown at F.W.V.F and the person who got the highest score won a golden SEW'N Transfer.

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