Dead Bones



Dead Bones the red dull bones
Full Name Dead Bones
Species Dull Bones
Location Terrifying Tower Area
Current Status Dead
Health 200 (first encounter)/450 (second encounter)
Damage 20 (first encounter)/40 (second encounter)/70 (charged)
Defense 10 (first encounter)/20 (second encounter)
Speed 10 (first encounter)/12 (second encounter)
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Rather Random Roleplaying Game
Latest Appearance Rather Random Roleplaying Game

 Dead Bones is a red dull bones that appears at the top of Terrifying Tower in Rather Random Roleplaying Game. He is thought to hold the third Soul Star, but Paradox sneaks it into Toad Town Sewers. When he is defeated on top of the tower, he is teleported to the sewers by Paradox. When he is defeated in the sewers, he drops the third Soul Star, and all his bones collapse. In Chapter 5, he reappears as a merchant in Skeleton Plaza, selling bone related items. He is the only source of Bone Soda, an extremely useful item.

Item Cost
 10 Coin
Bone Syrup
 50 Coin
Bone Candy  30 Coin
Super Bone Candy  80 Coin
Bone Ore  150 Coin
Bone Soda  120 Coin

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