DeSpooky World
Producer(s) Melano Cherries
Distributor(s) Melano Cherries
Broadcaster(s) Toonami
Genre(s) Comedy, Action, Slice of Life, Fantasy, (Horror?)
First Air Date(s)
March 26, 2014
Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme TBA
Ending Theme TBA
Country of Origin United States
Original Language English, Japanese, French, Dutch, Portugese
Season(s) 5
Episodes 108
Runtime 25 min.
Status Currently in development.
deSpooky World is an upcoming American-originated TV show currently in development by Melano Cherries.

The show focuses about a teenage Pumpkin girl (a humanoid species that have the power to manipulate fire, give Pumpkins life, etc.) named Autumn, who lives in a world full of monsters, such as ghosts, zombies, werewolfs, and many more (each monster has an variety of abilities that are introduced by some of the characters in the show.). Despite this, she and her other monster friends experience realworld problems, though there may be a few twists in the show.



See the full cast here.


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