DeShawn Redd
Full Name DeShawn Tyrone Redd
Current Age 19
Date of Birth 16th January
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Fairbanks, Alaska
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Tayshaun Fitzgerald (friend)
Main Weapon(s) Unnamed Sword
Ability/ies Athletic
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity African-American
The Human Treadmill
First Appearance Tayshaun's Adventure
Latest Appearance Tayshaun's Adventure

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You have the wrong guy, I'd never be able to save a planet!
DeShawn, upon first being thought of as a hero

DeShawn is a human from Alaska. He is known for being mistaken as a hero.


DeShawn has black spiky hair, a black and blue hockey jersey, brown jeans and green trainers.


DeShawn had a normal everyday life until somebody mistook him for a hero of a near-fallen land. While it's allowed DeShawn to discover new places, he can't help but think that it was all a huge misunderstanding and is always attempting to put it out there that he's an ordinary guy. Even with his best efforts, DeShawn is always pushed out into the universe to save everyone.


DeShawn is usually calm, but will flip out over some things. He can barely bottle up his feelings when he's called a hero.


  • DeShawn was originally going to be a hero, but his creator felt like making him a mistaken guy would make a better story.