"DeMille joins the battle... If there aren't tomatoes!"

(Introduction tagline)

NSM DeMille
Tomato adventure symbol
The tomato adventurer
Series Tomato Adventure
First appearance Tomato Adventure (Japan only, 2002)
Recent game Tomato Adventure (Japan only, 2002)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Patharan's Song
Home stage  ???

DeMille, the tomato adventure makes his unexpected debut in the Super Smash Bros. series. This 8-years old rabbit was the protagonist of the Japan-exclusive game Tomato Adventure. In Super Smash Bros. NeXt DeMille arrives packed with his gimmicks, especially his Gear Yoyo that gives him an useful disjointed hitbox.


DeMille is a small, quite light and rather fast character with an unique mechanic: in Tomato Adventure, DeMille uses some special weapons called "Gimmicks" and he must complete some small games like mashing a button, so DeMille's attacks are stronger if the player presses the attack button at the right time. For special moves, DeMille will do the move again and the second time this will be stronger. Sakurai said about DeMille: "Maybe you didn't know, but I love Tomato Adventure! The main reason because I didn't add some elements from this game in the other Smash games is because Tomato Adventure never came out of Japan. However, I thought that Marth, Roy and Lucas too never arrived in the west before their Smash appearance. DeMille's most famous weapon is his Gear Yoyo so we felt that it fit better as his main weapon than a special move. In this way, DeMille has a particular disjointed hitbox: in the space between the character and the Yoyo, there's no hitbox nor hurtbox but both DeMille's hand and the Yoyo inflict damage. We saw that DeMille was a unique character in the Smash history: we had many swordfighters such as Link, Marth and Meta Knight, two hammer fighters: Ice Climbers and King Dedede and now we have a yoyo user!"

Pros and cons


  • Small body frame with a good disjointed hitbox.
  • The Gear Yoyo's hitbox has the bigger distance between the character and the weapon.
  • By pressing the attack button again, DeMille's moves become stronger.
  • Rather fast in both ground and air.
  • High jumps.


  • Quite light.
  • Between the Yoyo and the character, there's no hitbox.
  • Some moves have long cool-down.


Ground attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Jab 4% (hand), 6% (hand with A), 6% (Gear Yoyo), 9% (Gear Yoyo with A) DeMille stabs with his yoyo. Quite slow, unlike many moves, it doesn't matter when you hit the opponent as each frame deals the same amount of damage and knockback.
Side tilt 6% (hand), 9% (hand with A), 9% (Gear Yoyo), 13% (Gear Yoyo with A) DeMille swings his Gear Yoyo sideways. While not having one of the best horizontal reach between DeMille's moves, this attack deals an excellent knockback, starting KOing at 138% if the yoyo hits.
Up tilt 4%, 7% (feet), 6%, 10% (feet with A) DeMille performs a backflip that hits twice (once per foot). Great move for racking up damage.
Down tilt 2% (hand), 3% (hand with A), 6% (yoyo start-up), 9% (yoyo start-up with A), 10% (yoyo clean), 15% (yoyo clean with A), 6% (yoyo late), 9% (yoyo clean with A) DeMille extends his yoyo parallel to the ground. One of DeMille's strongest move as experienced players can inflict up to 33% of damage due to his low knockback.
Dash attack 9% (hand), 13% (hand with A), 12% (yoyo), 18% (yoyo with A) DeMille swings his yoyo in circle. Very risky move: with the yoyo and A this move inflicts high damage and knockback while having a notable cool-down.
Forward Smash 16% (hand), 24% (hand with A), 24% (yoyo), 36% (yoyo with A) DeMille uses his yoyo as a hammer swinging it, from the up to the down. The yoyo with A inflicts a great amount of damage and a good knockback, KOing at 114%. Although, this move has a notable amount of cool-down frames.
Up Smash 6%-11% (hand), 9%-15% (hand with A), 10%-18% (yoyo), 15%-27% (yoyo with A) DeMille swings his yoyo around the world, like Ness did in all Smash games to date. However, DeMille sends the yoyo backward unlike Ness, who sent it forward.
Down Smash 14% (foot), 21% (foot with A) DeMille sweeps his foot forward, inflicting a fair amount of knockback. Unlike many down Smashes, it hits only forward.

Aerial attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Neutral aerial 3% (hand), 4% (hand with A), 5% (yoyo), 7% (yoyo with A) DeMille swings his yoyo in circle in front of him. Quite weak move, can't multi-hit.
Forward aerial 10% (hands), 15% (hands with A) DeMille does a double fist forward. Has meteor proprieties but only if the player presses A again to do the stronger move.
Back aerial 7% (hand), 10% (hand with A), 3% (yoyo hits 1-2), 4% (yoyo with A hits 1-2), 8% (yoyo hit 3), 12% (yoyo with A hit 3). DeMille swings his yoyo backward, turning then in that direction. Oddly, the Gear Yoyo multi-hits while the hand not.
Up aerial 8% (feet), 12% (feet with A) DeMille performs a backflip with great juggling abilities.
Down aerial 1% (hand), 2% (hand with A), 12% (yoyo), 18% (yoyo with A) DeMille oddest move in his set: he points the Gear Yoyo downward and with this gimmick inflicts great damage. The hand inflicts very little damage but has spike proprieties.

Grab and throws

Move Damage Description
Grab -% DeMille grabs the opponent with both hands.
Forward throw 8% DeMille kicks the opponent forward. Good upward knockback, can lead into a neutral aerial or a forward aerial.
Back throw 14% DeMille strongly throws the opponent backward. It has very high base knockback and a great knockback scaling, meaning that this move can KO at around 60%.
Up throw 6% DeMille launches the opponent upward. Can lead into an up aerial.
Down throw 12% DeMille sits on the opponent for a second, then he kicks him backward. Good spacing tool.


Move Damage Description
Floor attack (front) 7% Swings twice his Gear Yoyo while getting up.
Floor attack (back) 7% Kicks twice while getting up.
Ledge attack 7% Swings his Gear Yoyo while climbing the ledge.

Special moves

Move Name Damage Description
Standard Special Magnet Gloves 12%, 24% (hit 2 by pressing B) DeMille stops his momentum (useful while recovering) and creates a ball of metal that throws to the opponent. If the player presses B when the ball hits the opponent, DeMille will cast another one but faster and stronger.
Standard Special: custom move 1 Easy Magnet Gloves 12%, 12% (hit 2 by pressing B) This variation loses many of his power in the second hit while gaining an useful propriety: Magnet Gloves will briefly glow when you can press B again to attack another time.
Standard Special: custom move 2 Heavy Magnet Gloves 18%, 36% (hit 2 by pressing B) This variation loses some speed and makes the window for the second hit smaller while gaining many power.
Side Special Bite Bite 7%, 14% (hit 2 by pressing B) DeMille uses an extending crocodile chomper to bite the opponent. By pressing B another time when the chomper bites the enemy, DeMille performs this move again, but stronger.
Side Special: custom move 1 Easy Bite Bite 7%, 7% (hit 2 by pressing B) Like Easy Magnet Glove, DeMille's chomper will glow when it's possible to press B again. Loses some power in the second hit.
Side Special: custom move 2 Extended Bite 7%, 14% (hit 2 by pressing B) This variation loses lots of speed while gaining more reach. Damage output doesn't change.
Up Special Banana Surfboard -% DeMille jumps on a banana and surf in a diagonal trajectory. By pressing B at the end of the move, DeMille will do a loop the loop that allows him to gain good height. This is DeMille's main recovery tool.
Up Special: custom move 1 Easy Banana Surfboard -% The surfboard glows when you can press B again but DeMille gains less height.
Up Special: custom move 2 Cutting Banana Surfboard 3% (hits 1-6), 14% (hit 7, by pressing B) This variation gains some damage output while losing a lot of frames in the window that allows DeMille to do the loop the loop.
Down Special Angry Volcano 2% (touching the volcano), 5% (each fireball), 10% (hit 2 by pressing B) DeMille places an Angry Volcano in front of him. Touching it will deal damage. By pressing B, the volcano shoots 3 fireballs in front of him and, after it, it's possible to press B again to launch a more powerful fireball. After that, the Angry Volcano disappears. There's no other way to making the Angry Volcano disappearing.
Down Special: custom move 1 Easy Angry Volcano 5%, 10% (hit 2 by pressing B) Loses Angry Volcano's active hitbox and two fireballs while gaining a bigger window for the second attack. The volcano also glows when it's possible to do the second hit.
Down Special: custom move 2 Very Angry Volcano 4% (touching the volcano), 10% (each fireball), 15% (hit 2 by pressing B) The Angry Volcano inflicts more damage and throws more fireballs (four instead of three). However, the window to do the second hit is smaller and after 5 seconds, the volcano disappears.
Final Smash Patharan's Song -% DeMille listens to a disc of his girlfriend and becomes stronger, invincible and more agile for 30 seconds. The second-hit window for the special move is always wider and the damage of standard attacks is the A-pressed damage.



  • Looks at his Gear Yoyo
  • Swings his arms forth and back.


  • Up: has a tomato, but looks to it disgusted.
  • Side: plays with his Gear Yoyo.
  • Down: lays on the ground, watching to the sky.

Fighting stance

Lightly move his torso sideways.

Victory poses

  • Plays happily with his yoyo.
  • Runs away from a tomato.
  • Moves around on his Hoverboard.

Losing animation

Claps to the winner with a sad face.

On-screen appearance

Exits from his Snea-Car.

Walking and dashing animations

  • Walk: simply walks with his Gear Yoyo rubbing on the ground.
  • Dash: runs. The Gear Yoyo this time bounces on the ground.


  • Dodging: rolls forward/backward.
  • Spot dodge: jumps upwards dodging any coming attack.
  • Aid dodge: rolls into the air with a scared face.

Crowd cheer


Victory theme

A remix of Patharan's Song, which deserves also as DeMille's Final Smash (from 00.03 to 00.11).

Trophy description

Who is a funny rabbit that hates tomatoes and always walks with his Gear Yoyo? You're right, that's DeMille! He lives in a school bus without wheels, excluded because he, along with his friends, hates tomatoes. After his girlfriend, Patharan, got kidnapped, he embarks on an extraordinary adventure with his friends Aretha, Sofubi and Rereku. In battle, he uses some toys-like weapons called Gimmicks: this great items were created by Hanzo Brothers and his good friend Seremo.

Appeared in: Tomato Adventure (Japan only, GBA, 1/02)

Revealing trailer

Trailer's name: Food fight

Mario, Link and Yoshi are eating a sandwich while sitting on a wall. However, Yoshi is still hungry so he pulls out a big, red tomato. Unfortunately, Yoshi drops the tomato that rolls close to a little boy. He says: "Who can eat it?", kicks the vegetable and Yoshi arrives so angry because the tomato can't be eaten now. The dinosaur tries to attack while the boy uses his yoyo to defend himself. Mario and Link arrive and the boy shows who he is: DEMILLE JOINS THE BATTLE... IF THERE AREN'T TOMATOES! So he says: "I've overturned a kingdom, and I'm only 8!" Some gameplay scenes start:

  • DeMille comes out from his Snea-Car.
  • He attacks Link and Matthew with his Gear Yoyo.
  • The screen is divided and first is shown a forward tilt on Yoshi without pressing A at the right time, then a forward tilt with pressing A at the right time: the second deals more knockback.
  • He is seen alongside Kirby while eating some food.
  • Performs his down aerial on both Samus and DK but only on Samus it's a meteor Smash.
  • Runs alongside Inkling and Matthew.

At the end, DeMille is seen giving Yoshi a new tomato and the two friendly shake the hands. After that, the Smash logo is seen with Super Smash Bros. NeXt written below.

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