Dawnoftheplants crazy Mario party
Developer(s) dawnoftheplants
Publisher(s) dawnoftheplants(Really

This Mario party is awesome you will like its Mario and there's characters you will be happy i invited and courses you will die for. If you unlock all the characters or get board you will have fun.


character unlocked
Mario N/A
Luigi N/A
Wario N/A
Waluigi N/A
Peach N/A
Daisy N/A
Wart N/A
Yoshi N/A
Birdo N/A
Soinc N/A
Kirby N/A
Telporting fat guy buy for 200 party points
Gamboy Boy Avdance buy for 300 party points
Baby hitler get board of the game
Spirngtrap complet freddys pizzaria 50 times
baa  baa buy for 400 party points or get battle cat
battle cat get the app 
riskrim like a video or subricbe
mic kirby lisien to a HORRABILE song though a untire couse
trollface get a life
dead dora like the fact her shows is gone
sniper the fox same has dead dora
nyan cat by for OVER 9000 party points
slenderman get every other character 


host course
toad Many
bb(balloon boy) Freddys pizzaria
Purple toad Chailange zone
kamik Many
blooper pitrtes ship
bird cat cat base
donkey kong Dk jungle
goombella Goomba castle
red boo boos ghost bar
toadette Many(co host to toad)
diddy kong Dk jungle(co host to dk)


course  host unlocked
Toad road Toad N/A
piranta park Toad N/A
boos ghost bar red boo N/A
iggy forset Kamik N/A
Peach beach Toad N/A
chain chomp woods Toad N/A
freddys pizzria balloon boy N/A
goomba castle Goombella N/A
roys fair Kamik N/A
bomb-omb tower Toad N/A
montly mole mountian Toad N/A
lava gorge Toad N/A
starey skys Toad N/A
pirte ship Blooper N/A
larry's factory Kamik N/A
Future dream Toad N/A
paper plains Toad N/A
wendys mine kamik beet the other koopailings
cat base bird cat get battle cat
muisc centre Toad Get mic kirby
Old remories Toad(8 bit) Get gamboy advacned
the ture fnaf king Balloon boy  Get Riskrim
telporting galxaly  Toad  get telporting fat guy
mortons rockey road  Kamik beet the prevois koopailling
RAINBOWS   Toad get Nyan cat
your life  for ever alone guy get troll face 
slendermans forset  Toad  get slenderman
lemmys ball airship Kamik beet the previos koopailling
china nintendown  Toad Buy for 50 party points
dk jungle Donkey Kong Buy for 100 party points
ludwigs sky fortess Kamik beet the previos koopailling
bowsers lair Kamik beet all the koopaillings
my course any(must be seen) make it 


bule space you get a coin
red space you losse a coin
+  space get a minuim of 3 coins
-  space losse a minuim of 3 coins
luckey space get 10,9 or 8 coins
unluckey space losse 10,9 or 8 coins
dice space get a ramdom dice
toad space get a dice,coins or mini stars 
 Bule DK space get a 5,4,3 coins or mini stars changes Red every turn
 Red DK space losse 5,4,3 coins or mini stars changes Bule every turn
mini star space  get a mini star
minus star space losse a mini star
star space buy a star for 20 coins or forge 10 mini stars
boss space  a boss will a apear
bowser space bad things will happin 
bowser jr a bowser jr mini game will happing
2 vs 2 space a 2 vs 2 minigame
free for all space a free for all minigame
1 vs 3 space a 1 vs 3 minigame 
random space a minigame,mini stars or coins
phantom puppet space roll a 1-3 dice block to see how many turns are missed


boss how to kill map
fake block find the corret block toad road
nabbit ??? toad road
 pettey piranta ??? piranta park
firey dino piranta ??? piranta park
big boo simlar to cheep cheep in mario party 9 boos ghost bar
king boo simalar to dry bones in mario party 9 boos ghost bar
wigger same has in mario party 9 iggys forset
iggy He will come out of the pipes you have to jump on him iggys forset
sushi ??? peach beach
big fish bones ??? peach beach
Chain chomp ??? chain chomp woods
master chomp ??? chain chomp woods
the puppet simlar to fake block freddys pizzaria
freddy ??? freddys pizzaria
gombunch a lot of goombas run around need to find and jump on the real one goomba castle
goomba king simlar to goomba in mario party 10 goomba castle
big bully simar to chain comp mario party island tour roys fair
roy  simlar to spike in mario party 9 roys fair
purple bomb-omb? simar to mr blizard in mario party island tour bomb-omb tower
king bomb-omb ??? bomb-omb tower
monty mole ??? monty mole mountian
zigs ??? monty mole mountian
king kalitente 

simlar to a valcano climing mini game in mario party ds

lava gorge
draagadon  simlar to monty mole and chain chomp in mario party 9 and 10 lava gorge
giga lakiuku ??? starey skys
ztar  ??? starey skys
huckit crab ??? pirte ship
glooper blooper simlar to blooper in mario party 9 pirte ship
whomp like wigger but has to come down first larrys factory
larry ??? larrys factory
robo guy ??? future dream
bill block have to shoot bullets at him future dream
count bleck ??? paper plains
dimentio ??? paper plains
hamer bro ??? wendys mine
wendy ??? wendys mine
crazed cat ??? cat bass
crazed titan cat like mario party 10 mounty mole only more like a battle cat bass
dark mic kirby ??? music centre
foxy like a battle with bowser jr in a minigame the ture fnaf king
purple guy like a game of hide and seek with a timer the ture fnaf king
star rod kirby kirby will ride the warp star and you will go afther him on your ship Old remories
cape mario like lakiuku from mario party 9 but you need to jump on him Old remories
magikoopa hook on to a wind cirket and jump on him mortons rocky road
morton ??? mortons rocky road
mecha koopa ??? lemmys ball airship
lemmy ??? lemmys ball airship
donkey kong ??? Dk jungle
crankey kong ??? Dk jungle
para troopa use some things he gives you lugwigs sky fortress
lugwig try to copy the beats he plays lugwigs sky fortess
bowser jr ??? bowsers lair
bowser ??? bowsers lair

NOTE: Courses with no bosses are random  


you can buy buggies in the store But every character has one and even if your not that character you can use them. there like a mini car you not have to use them.there is also only one character in a buggie. 

Character buggies

buggie charcter
mushroom crussier Mario
portercar 9000 luigi
monny bag carrage wario
tenis kart waluigi
umbellbuggie peach
flower ridder daisy
warts thone wart
egg carrage yoshi
bow crussier  birdo
sonic the hegcar sonic
warp car kirby
power ridder telporting fat guy
riddabble snes gamboy advance
nazcar baby hitler
puple buggie spirngtrap
cat car battle cat
a BIG baa baa baa baa
youtube logo riskrim
a BIG beatbox Mic kirby
a BIG Trollface trollface
doras dead billborad dead dore
sinper the box sinper the fox
slender tuck slenderman


  • most of the unlockabile characters are impossible to get
  • this is my first my mario party and joke 
  • gamboy advanced plays mario party advanced a game for that system
  • Donkey kong is the only host that is also a boss 
  • fnaf and battle cats are the only non mario seris that have a main fouces

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