Dawn of War Soulstorm: co-op campaign is second planet system have been update from Dawn of War Soulstorm.


Warpstorm have been control been of co-op system to next conquer from kaurava system.Some were into planet co-op system,Davian Thule is back from the planet kronus,mordecai want tell about planet system to be strong of this universe and Warboss Bonekraka is here (who kill the legend tau leader,commander Farsight).Begins fortress,Archon Tahril have a power weapon call soulstorm to began capture human with Chaos Space Marines and Necrons.The Imperial Guard have been attack by Tyranids to protect emperor will defeat on deamon from Chaos Deamon,long to victory Tau Empire and Eldar can help Imperial Guard and Sister of Battle can defeat Dark Eldar,but there some mistake for Gabriel Angelo have destroy stone and tell some sacrifice by deamon named,Azariah Kyras was deamon prince of khrone from the Omnis Arcanum,ispossible to kill.Lord Crull return from Lorn V how lost to conquer of war and Lukas Alexander will cannot give up for battle to Tyranids,All planet all war and all cost,Shas'O Kais left to stop Necron Lord of Kronus will never kill Space Marines.Fight to history for love for friends for Space Marines.

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