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Dawg, the multiverse's most important nobody.
Full Name Dawg
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Species  ???
Location Seattle
Align Lawful Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Mallet
Sexuality Bisexual
First Appearance Overclocked (2015)
Latest Appearance Crisis On Infinite Scratch Kats

Dawg is the cynical counterpart to Scratch Kat, wielding a somewhat cartoonish mallet in battle.


Dawg is sarcastic and irritable, constantly trying to get Scratch Kat to stop whatever idiotic thing he might currently be up to.
He has an obvious disdain for the government, and a particular hatred for Snaily Joe.
Dawg, while clearly hosting the same reality warping powers as Scratch Kat, absolutely refuses to acknowledge them or use them on purpose.


Scratch Kat

Dawg gives everything he has into keeping Scratch Kat and his roomies happy, taking very little for himself. Dawg, while seldom coming along on Scratch Kat's misadventures (willingly, that is) spends most of his time cleaning up after Scratch and providing for him.
Making his brother happy just might be the only thing keeping Dawg going.

Lub Lub

Dawg considers Lub Lub a close friend. He often confides in his magenta companion and tends to go to him for help.

Snaily Joe



Descriptions of all current timelines are located here.


Overclocked (2015)

Dawg appears as a default fighter.

Crisis On Infinite Scratch Kats

Dawg appears as a main character, along with several alternate versions of himself.


  • Dawg drives a red 1957 Chevy Bel Air which generally gets wrecked at least once a day.
  • Dawg works for an internet news site.
  • Dawg supports his entire household (Consisting of Scratch Kat, Unikitty, Lub Lub and Pogo) using the money he earns from his internet job and the various part-time jobs he assumes.
  • Dawg doesn't often show it, but he loves his brother dearly.
  • Dawg's room is the smallest and barest in the house, as he spends any extra money he has on Scratch Kat and his other roommates.
  • Thanks to a systems failure that occurred during the crash landing, Dawg is almost completely unaware of anything that happened before it.