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David (TMQ)
David (TMQ)
The leader of The Guap Squad
Full Name David
Current Age 11
Date of Birth May 23rd, 2003
Gender Male
Location Sky City
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Magic
Ability/ies Turning into a vampire
First Appearance The Magical Quadruplets
Latest Appearance The Magical Quadruplets

David is the main protagonist in The Magical Quadruplets.. Him and his sibilings live in Sky City and they stop monsters! He was created by Green Productions.


David is agressive, and mean. This trait is usually shown when teasing his brother, Tommy! He also seems to have a "colorful vocabulary" though never really shows it.


David is an 11 year old boy with dark hair, a red shirt with a button that says D/D (which stands for Dead David), green pants with two yellow stripes, and black shoes.


The Magical Quadruplets

David's first appearance is in The Magical Quadruplets. He's the main character of the game. He can use magic for defense/offense, though he, and the other characters, needs Magic Paint to access it. Other then that, he can punch and kick. When it turns to night, or if he pushes the button on his shirt, he becomes a vampire.



Henry, despite them having totally different personalities, is David's favorite sibiling. They get along ok and they have fun together (although David never shows it.)


Danny's annoying sister, is a burrden to him! He doesn't like her a lot though can barely


Danny thinks of Tommy as an embarrament, so he always tends to tease him for being a whimp!


  • Despite him being a quadruplet, he is the oldest by 6 seconds.