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David, the Ocean Racer
Full Name David
Current Age late teens
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Basculin
Gender male
Species human
Location The Sevii Islands
Align good
Class Pokémon Trainer
Element(s) Water
Vulnerable To Grass, Electric
Family and Relations
Lorelei (mother)
The Ocean Knight

David, known as the Ocean Racer in his home region of the Sevii Islands, spent his free time participating in oceanspanning races with his Sharpedo, Sharpie, but eventually met the Lavaridge Gym Leader Flannery, who sparked a longing for adventure hidden within the seafaring island native.


Early Life
Following His Heart
Steaming Up




Pokémon Moves Summary
Mega Sharpedo

Sharpie the Sharpedo
  • Aqua Jet
  • Poison Fang
  • Crunch
  • Ice Fang

Terror the Aerodactyl
  • Rock Slide
  • Iron Head
  • Sky Drop
  • Roost


  • Author's Note: "I had this in the works for a long time, but only until now, due to free time, was I able to publish it."

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