Dave (Shrimps)
Full Name Dave
Current Age 16
Date of Birth December 14
Gender Male
Species Human/Artificial Shrimp-Human
Location Storm Town, Shrimpia
Legendary Partners, Artificial Shrimp-Humans, The Future Resistance, Resistance Destroyers (Future Dave)
Main Weapon(s) Normal-Sized Objects, The Legendary Partners
Ability/ies Punch, Legendary Partner Powers, Normal-Sized Objects Attack
Vulnerable To Anything Gigantic or Normal-Sized, Enemies
Voice Actor(s)
Gary Oldman
First Appearance The Shrimps

Dave is one of the main characters in The Shrimps (series).


The Shrimps

Dave is one of the main characters in this game, and the only default character. He is originally a human, but became an artificial shrimp-human. At the end of this game, he gets home and says he'll be back in three more games, hinting that there will be at least 3 sequels.


Dave was born in Storm Town right after the events of an upcoming game called Shrimps: The Prequel, which has no appearance of Dave at all. He had a brother who ran away when he heard he was going to have a brother. When he was 15, somebody destroyed Storm Town, who happened to be somebody in a giant robot named Cyborg, who was just a normal person who had added robot DNA to himself. The next day, he turned 16 and was shrunk by Cyborg and turned into the third of the four Artificial Shrimp-Humans.



Teenyage is Dave's love interest and an Artificial Shrimp-Human, but her parents were a human and a shrimp-human, creating an Artificial Shrimp-Human.


None of the Artificial Shrimp-Humans are fond of him because he shows off too much. Dave liked him at first, but then he started showing off. He wants to find his parents, so fans think he might be Dave's brother. He was kidnapped by Cyborg and given Shrimp DNA, so he is an Artificial Shrimp-Human.


Dave doesn't like Mia, even though she is the only Artificial Shrimp-Human created the same way as him. She is in love with Dave, and almost stepped on him before she was Shrimp-sized.


Of course, he hates Cyborg most of all, and they are enemies. He has a giant robot, which makes him even bigger than the Shrimp-Humans. He must be defeated by the Artificial Shrimp-Humans!