Dave (Bad Babies)
Dave da bad babeh
In Bad Babies - The Video Game
Full Name Dave
Current Age 3 months
Date of Birth 9th July 2011
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To Zombies, Ghosts, Giant Hamsters, Giant eggs.
First Appearance Eggman's Apple Pie
Dave is a character from Bad Babies.


Just likes pure mayhem and cheetahs. Dave enjoys annoying people and spending money, but never his precious £10 notes! He has bad counting skills, but that can be expected at his age. He somewhat thinks 10 is the biggest number in the world, even though he knows his numbers
Dave 3D

Dave as appears in Eggman's Apple Pie

up to 971! He is aged 3 months. Due to his young age he is very guliable and is often tricked into completing various tasks for the evil villian Eggman, as seen in Eggman's Apple Pie, Eggman pays Dave in £10 bills which Dave believes is very generous (although in reality it's not very much for the job he had to complete).