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The Daughters of Freedom is a fan fiction. The fanfic is centered around two princesses, Peach and Daisy.


In the past. King Applewood, the leader of Mushroom Kingdom and King Bradford leader of Sarasaland. Are in a secret meeting, the two discuss several matters, one of which is a secret alliance to overthrow the "Dark Yoshi".

  • Applewood rasied his chin and smiled, "Dark Yoshi" will never see this coming, or will, will reign!"
  • Bradford frowned, "Don't be too sure, he can here and see everything..."
  • Applewood shook his head, "He will never see this coming."
  • Bradford's forehead creased, "I sure hope so..."

Just then a door opened behind them, it was him..the Dark Yoshi.

  • Bradford and Applewood stood to their feet, they turned to their wives, "Get the babies out of here...hurry!" The two women rushed out leaving their husbands behind.

The Dark Yoshi killed both Kings, his mouth turned to a smile, "Fools" he sneered and walked away. Not knowing he had let his future demise get away...

Chapter 1

Peach strolled through her garden, the sweet aroma of the flowers. Her hair being tossed by the wind, Mario and Luigi had gone on a quest to save the world, and left her behind. She smiled, as Toadsworth said something, but she ignored the crabby old toad as she listened t the song the birds sang. She leaned down and plucked a flower, a rose to be exact. She smelled it and tossed it aside. Just then an explosion happened, she was tossed off her feet and into the flower bed. Toadsworth was gone, she did not see we're he landed. She rose to her feet, and saw him. A shadow Yoshi, she had heard of these yoshis before.

  • The Yoshi spoke in the human tongue, "Foolish Girl, Prepare to die..."
  • Peach took a step back as the Yoshi approached her,she backed into the gate of the castle. She was cornered. the Yoshi moved closer, and closer.
  • He open his mouth as a dark purple puff appeared, "Posion" he mouthed.
  • Peach crumpled to the ground, he face pale. The Yoshi moved in a grabbed her, and flew away.