Full Name Data-Samuel
Current Age 16
Date of Birth June 1
Gender Male
Species Human data
Align Male
Current Status Ceased into essence

Data-Samuel is the data version of original Samuel Nakaoka the Second where his essence was found by Ralph and Zelda in order to create a data version of himself. He was malfunctioned from his memories and goes berserk on everything until Ralph and Zelda able to transform back to his data form. Ralph and Zelda perfectly create Data-Samuel, but no memories on him before Samuel Nakaoka regains his awful memories later on.


PR: Battle from the Universes

Early Life

Samuel Nakaoka's Essence

Seven years later in pass, Ralph founds the essence of Samuel Nakaoka the Second due his body was finally vanished after Megaforce and Toon Zelda didn't finds the body of Samuel Nakaoka much to Ralph's worried.

Data-Samuel's Heart

When Shadow the Knight attempt to kill Peter Griffin and Baed during in the middle of the battle, Data-Samuel cries at Shadow attempting kill Peter and Baed and transformed perfectly into BEAST Mode.