Dashed Koopa: Gravity is a Dashed Koopa game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Nintendo Wii, with gameplay based upon the sidescrolling areas of Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is part of the Ethereal Collection and was made for Series Swap Day.


Dashed Koopa is sleeping in his house, when suddenly he starts floating towards the roof. Confused, he walks along his ceiling and opens the door, where he sees everybody in Wasresh City flying into the sky. Suddenly, somebody pushes him outside and he begins flying up into the sky as well. He turns around to see that it was Commander Koopa that pushed him.

Eventually, Dashed comes to a stop when he lands on a cloud. He realizes that Commander Koopa must have somehow reversed gravity, which was why he was walking on the ceiling, and why everybody was flying into the sky. Dashed decides to search the clouds to find someway to put gravity back to normal.


  • Dashed Koopa: The main character
  • Zen Guy: If a second controller is inserted during certain areas, Zen Guy can be controlled
  • Commander Koopa: The main villain, he has reversed gravity for everybody in Wasresh City.
  • Shroobster: Dashed's rival, he is trying to reverse gravity as well so that Jingy Koopa will think he is a hero.


The gameplay engine is from Super Mario Galaxy 2, specifically the sidescrolling areas of the game. However, the game can now be played with different control schemes.


The game can be played with five different controller schemes:

  • Wii Remote and Nunchuk
  • Wii Remote sideways
  • Gamecube controller
  • Classic controller
  • Nintendo DS