Dash the Hedgehog (New)
Dash The Hedgehog
Dash the Hedgehog
Current Age 20
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
Location New Metropolis
Class Prince
Sonic Heroes Of the Future
Ability/ies Super Sonic Running Speed, Hand to Hand Combat, Swimming,Spin Dash,Homing Attack,Rocket Acsell, Boost,Gold Tornado
Vulnerable To Pyrophobia
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Sega X
Im the son of King Sonic and Queen Sally from the future...Dash the Hedgehog!
Dash the Hedgehog

Dash is the Son of King Sonic and Queen Sally of mobius in the Sega X Universe. He shares the thrown of Mobius with his twin brother Abram Acorn. He loved running with his father since he was a little boy (Though his father always beats him in races). He loves action and adventure and is the Hero of Mobius in the Future. He is also the Leader of the Sonic Heroes of the Future.


Birth and early life

Dash was born on the 100,000,000 of mobius's existence and he and his brother gained fame when born. He and his brother constantly had to deal with the media. While his brother was a Royalty Boy. Dash Spent his time in the garden and ran around it. He loved to be like his father Sonic and had the brains of his mother Sally Acorn.

Fighting eggman Cyber and the Wonder Years

Eggman cyber attacked the kingdom while no one was expecting it, He loved to see mobiens suffer for what they did to his Father. Dash was hanging out with lara-sue when guards captured his parents. Dash and Lara ran outside before the guards got them. They teamed up and beat many of the dark legion invaders. Managing to free others that had been captured. After Shadow Android Launched tikaous and cause the calamities. After his younger siblings said: "Dash! Be like daddy fighting Perfect Chaos", Dash Used tikals prayer to summon the emeralds and became super dash. After beating tikaous. Sonic formulated the Freedom fighters of the Future and put all of his friend’s Children in it. Putting Dash as the leader.

Powers and Abilities

Dash can run up to 750mph and even faster than that (Though his father is recorded to go 2x faster than that). He is also a black belt in martial arts. He can perform many of his father’s attacks such as the spin dash. He can also homing attack, Gold Tornado (Same as the Blue Tornado from sonic heroes) Rocket Aces and Boost to reach high speeds. He also has the healing power of the Yellow Chaos Emerald.

Dash like his father, has a special relationship with the seven chaos emeralds and power rings. Dash has his fathers DNA which allows him to tap into the power of the rings which makes it possible to go faster and become invincible for a short amount of time. He can also use the powers of the Emeralds to gain new powers with the aid of 20 power Rings.

Dash also can use the power of the Seven chaos emeralds to become Super Dash. In this state, Dash is invincible to attacks and his speed is increased 1000 fold. He can also Manipulate small to large amounts of Energy in his hands to attack enemies and blast them with energy blasts.