Dash Yoshi and Mario.

Dash Yoshi

Another picture of Dash Yoshi

Dash Yoshi
is a temporary form of Yoshi triggered by eating the Dash Pepper power-up. It first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

There is a Dash Yoshi named Rossy, who is part of the Yoshi Bandits in Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms.


Yoshi becomes orange-red, and starts running unstoppably. He can dash across water and up walls, and jumps farther than usual.


Super Mario Star Journey

Dash Yoshi appears in Super Mario Star Journey. In Stonecarving Valley, in the Mission Pepper Dasherator, Yoshi needs to eat Dash Peppers to walk on walls. This is needed to get a Power Star on a ceiling. In Polar Volcano's mission, Burn the Whole Place (which could only be done by Toad), Dash Yoshi is needed as well to reach a switch, which makes Polar Volcano fiery again, in order to reach the Power Star.

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