Darumaka (Darmanitan Slam)
Darumaka Dream
Darumaka, Darmanitan's best friend.
Full Name Darumaka
Gender Male
Location Pokémon Island (Jungle area)
Class Sidekick
Darmanitan (friend)
Lilligant (girlfriend)
Ability/ies Jumping, climbing grassy walls, gliding, Rollout

Darumaka is one of the main characters in the Darmanitan Slam series. He is the best friend of Darmanitan, as well as his trusted sidekick. He also is Lilligant's boyfriend.


Darumaka is like Darmanitan. He also likes Berries, especially Nanab Berries. He is less lazy than Darmanitan, but is still pretty carefree. Darumaka has been shown to have a hot temper when their Berry hoard was stolen.

Darumaka also had a big crush on a Milotic. He had very strange behavior when he saw Milotic, and would do almost anything to impress her. He did not know that Milotic admired him greatly.

In Darmanitan Slam 2, Milotic did not appear. Instead, Darumaka meets a Lilligant in the Forest area. They met when Darumaka had become poisoned and Lilligant nursed him back to health. He likes Lilligant, but feels that she is overprotective and sometimes holds him "hostage."

Powers and Abilities

Darumaka shares three of his abilities with Darmanitan: Rollout, jumping, and climbing grassy walls. Since Darumaka is so small and doesn't have long arms, he cannot posses the Hammer Arm ability. When Darumaka hops onto Darmanitan's back, they are able to gain more distance from a jump thanks to Darumaka's rocketbarrel pack.

Game Appearances