Darola is a ???-like species appears in Mikuva Malikaos!, he appears in episode 59: The dawn of Hodogaya. Later, he is appears returns in episode 85: Darola again strikes!


Electric Shock: Darola shoots electric from its ears

Auto-revived: it was not seen, however, ...



in 59th episode, Darola attempts to terrorizing Hodogaya ward where of Yokohama for unknown reason. Later, he was seen by polices and he almost battle the polices for a short time, after a short battle with polices, he kill at least 12 polices. After kill polices, he is seen by Mikuva Malikaos teams and Mikuva Malikaos fought him, after a short battle, he was finally getting defeated by Mikuva Malikaos teams and dies, after he was getting defeated. His body were thrown to the ocean

in 85th episode, he is return in that episode. He is first seen underwater the ocean where his body get thrown here, he is heading to Hodogaya ward and attempts to terroizing Hodogaya ward again. But was later again fails when he is defeated by Mikuva Malikaos teams to stop him form terroizing Hodogaya again. He was finally get dies and unable to using Auto-revived ability


Althourgh, he dies in ep 59th episode,he is somewhat return in 85th episode,the director stated that this is auto-revived ability, and stated that this is only present 1 time

Darola was created from modified Malikutay suit

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