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Darkstalkers: Worlds Apart
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Manual(s) Digital, In-Box

Darkstalkers: Worlds Apart is a 3D Fighting game exclusive to the Playstation 4; featuring a diverse cast of classic and new characters taking the spotlight, this game shows how diverse another reality of the same series can be, at times.

Set after the events of Darkstalkers 3, Worlds Apart shows how Jedah Dohma's tampering with the past has affected the world we would have known; the game focuses on two separate worlds: one world that never experienced Jedah's reality tampering (one we would consider to be "normal") and another that got severly distorted to where the lines that divide light and dark are non-existent, and as a result, Earth and Makai are fused, and their history is now one.

While one world has the characters we have come to know and love, the other has altered versions, new faces and, on occasion, no counterparts at all; with two worlds being caused trouble by Jedah's manipulation, this usually means tensions run high, alliances forge and crumble, and even the same person on another world will not get along with their counterpart. Thus begins the biggest War of the Worlds ever; literally, EVER.


Name Description
Morrigan Aensland Heir to the throne of Makai and a powerful succubus, Morrigan, while fully aware of her duties to the realm of Makai, chooses rather to neglect them and have her own fun in the human world; she seems to have accepted her role as queen in recent years, though she still goes off on excursions into the human world occasionally.
  • Ending: ???
Demetri Maximoff A vampire noble exiled into the human world by Morrigan's late father Belial, Demetri Maximoff tried to take the throne of Makai for himself and ended up cast into Romania where all he could do was dine on the local humans and commit acts of horrifying brutality against humanity and Darkstalkers until he found a source of power strong enough for him to use to challenge Belial's adopted daughter Morrigan for Makai's throne.
  • Ending: ???
Felicia A catwoman and former celebrity, Felicia used to run an orphanage as a way to give back to others, until Demetri, in a state of boredom, destroyed it and killed all the children inside it, driving the formerly cheerful cat-girl to seek retribution for all the souls he destroyed.
  • Ending: ???
Jon Talbain
Lord Raptor
Lilith Aensland
Baby Bonnie Hood
Donovan Baine
Jedah Dohma
DinoSapien Born of a project in the world to create a force to counter the Darkstalkers with creatures made of human and animal DNA, DinoSapien was one of the more successful experiments, but escaped, showing apathy toward the Darkstalkers and displaying a childlike need to be left alone; he has made friends, but they've all been killed, more than often by other escaped cross-species.
  • Ending: DinoSapien obtains a special collar-like DNA stabilizer that lets him change into a human at will, as well as add several other prehistoric DNA samples to his current cocktail; with this stabilizer, he is able to not only able to hide out among other humans, but travel the world, thanks to the new DNA.

Name Description
Purified Morrigan
Dark Talbain
Oboro Bishamon
Werepanther Felicia
Amy Aensland
Full Power Demetri
Chrysalis DinoSapien's alternate counterpart, Chrysalis is a human-insect hybrid composed of various insect DNA samples, including a moth, praying mantis, and a dragonfly; unlike her reptilian counterpart, Chrysalis believes the cross-species to be the next dominant species in line for the rule of Earth and seeks to eliminate both humanity and the Darkstalkers to make way for the cross-species.
  • Ending: Chrysalis ends up killed by her counterpart DinoSapien, who then eats her to add insult to injury.



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