Darkly (SPMG)
Full Name Darkly
Current Age unknown, presumably 10 due to child-like nature
Gender male
Location originally Twilight Town, currently lives on Doomship
Current Status living, defeated and ashamed by Mario and co.
Koopa Troop
Family and Relations
Steel Bowser
Ability/ies able to twist time and space itself
Vulnerable To to any attack
Shadow Beast
Latest Appearance Super Paper Mario Galaxy

Darkly is the true villain and final boss of Super Paper Mario Galaxy. He is demented and evil. Most fans wonder if he is the same character from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


Darkly originated in Twilight Town where he lived happily, until when he turned five. On his birthday, there was no cake. Over the years, Darkly grew older, and more and more demented, until he finally grew insane. He set out to rule the alternate dimension in Super Paper Mario, disguising himself as Dimentio. After his defeat, he was banished to an alternate universe. He later got out and decided to rule the whole universe by tricking Bowser Jr. into thinking that what he was doing was part of Bowser's plan. As Jr. got beaten multiple times by Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Wario, and Waluigi, Darkly grew stronger and stronger. Eventually Jr. was defeated so many times, his metal encasing (code named Steel Bowser) overloaded and was demolished. After Jr. puts 2 and 2 together and figures out who Darkly is, Darkly knocks Jr. aside and draws the protagonists to a moon, where they fight. Darkly first appears as a dragon-like beast, then as himself. After the battle with the beast, Darkly explains his intentions and then the second phase begins. After the fight, Darkly explodes and falls to the Mushroom Kingdom. For the rest of the game, Darkly lays at the bottom of a smoking crater. If the player bakes a cake and then gives it to Darkly, he apologizes and becomes a partner. His special ability is to create a ring of electricity around the player, thus protecting them.

Battle Stats


HP: 100


Fire Breath: 20 Damage

Claw Swipe: 30 Damage

Summon: Summons 2 Mysterios; 0 Damage


HP: 200


Magic Fireball: 4 Damage

Dark Pound: 2+2 Damage


During the cutscene when Mario, his partners, Bowser, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Peach are about to fight Darkly, all of them say, "For justice! For the Universe!" Then Bowser adds, "For double cheeseburgers!" This is a easter egg of sorts and is used for comic relief.

First form

In Darkly's first form, he is the ShadowBeast. He is extremely strong in this form but has extremely low health. He is also extremely vulnerable to light attacks, such as Peach's mirror attack.

Second form

In this form, he looks like the Darkly from Paper Mario: TTYD. He has weak attacks but high heatlh. (Note: After the defeat of the first form, you will become fully healed for round two.


  • Darkly shares some characteristics with Dimentio, the true villain of SPM. They are both maniacs and they are controlling the main villain without the main villain knowing that they are being controlled.
  • Some fans believe that this Darkly is the same person from TTYD, however, this is not true, as Darkly in this game is antagonistic while Darkly in TTYD is a helping character.