Darklight Studios
Darklight Studios 5
The Company's Current Logo
Type of Company Fanon Videogame Company
Founder(s) Shadow Inferno
Founded at/in 2014
Owner(s) Shadow Inferno
Predecessor Serperion Studios

Dark Flame Studios

Darklight Studios is a Fanon Videogame Company which has been in a partnership to Fantendo, producing Fanon Games from several Nintendo Franchises. It was previously named Dark Flame Studios as of its fifth Logo however has since changed over to Darklight Studios, this was done due to the recent 50th Game the company made, renaming itself in celebration, it has decided to keep Dark Flame Studios Logos on older pages as a simple method of Archiving.


Darklight Studios started hiring on the 27th of October 2017, hiring it's first non-founder developer, Nanopower. Since then the company has had an open submission for which people may submit their applications here . The company follows a very open and free-flow strategy to its developers. Said Developers are welcome to use any characters or content established by the Darklight Studios Founder, Shadow Inferno although should consult other developers when using their IPs.

Developer IPs
Shadow Inferno (Founder) None, all the founder's IPs are welcome to be used by employees freely, canonicity is still determined by Shadow Inferno
Nanopower Domino, Nano's Games
Gold-Sans Mobile Pliskin, Doomsday, Sans' Games
Samtendo09 Meta-Form, Sam's Games
OwtheEdgehog Ow's Games
Pyrostar Arcana, Axiom, Eternika, Fright Night, Hexis, Lucky Break, Mythikal, Project Divinity, Shoujo, Siren's Call, StarFall, Pyroverse, Pyro's Games
Pokerninja2 Poker's Games
Tigertot Champions of Ascerth, Tiger's Games
Somebody495 Cloak and Dagger, Path to Survival, Somebody's Games
TheLonelyHydreigon456 Remnants, Hydreigon's Games
IncarnateParanoia Shards of Reality, Kleptomania, Mach 1, One-Hit Wonder, Unparalleled Threat, Featherweight, Dark Echoes, Darklight, Incpara's Games
Dr.Drebbles Clairvoyance, Epica & Sarona, Drebbles' Games
Kyledude788 Wild Dogs, Black Parade, Kyle's Games
WesternSkies Happily Ever After, Cosmic Road Trip, Wyvernal, Sky's Games
Athena Hawkins Zaxinian Lifts, E-Verse, Masses, Toroko Warriors, Inamorata Drifters, Athena's Games
.etherealknight Misfits, Cryo's Games
StellaStardown Auras (series), Stella's Games
DoodleFox Doodle's Games
Drybones157 Dry's Games
MeGa eXal MGX's Games


In Mid-April of 2016 Darklight Studios announced it's plan to create a console to be part of the 10th Generation, the Visus Sphere. The Visus Sphere is planned to be a conglomeration between Darklight Studios, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Valve.

Console Name Console Controller
Visus Sphere Logo
Visus Sphere
Visus Sphere Controller
Pharo logo Pharo-Base-White



Developer Specific Logos

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