Darklight Studios
Darklight Studios 5
The Company's Current Logo
Type of Company Fanon Videogame Company
Founder(s) Shadow Inferno
Founded at/in 2014
Owner(s) Shadow Inferno
Predecessor Serperion Studios

Dark Flame Studios

Darklight Studios is a Fanon Videogame Company which has been in a partnership to Fantendo, producing Fanon Games from several Nintendo Franchises. It was previously named Dark Flame Studios as of its fifth Logo however has since changed over to Darklight Studios, this was done due to the recent 50th Game the company made, renaming itself in celebration, it has decided to keep Dark Flame Studios Logos on older pages as a simple method of Archiving.


In Mid-April of 2016 Darklight Studios announced it's plan to create a console to be part of the 10th Generation, the Visus Sphere. The Visus Sphere is planned to be a conglomeration between Darklight Studios, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Valve.

Console Name Console Controller
Visus Sphere Logo
Visus Sphere
Visus Sphere Controller