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Developer(s) Lightning (1993-2015)
Lone Planet Productions (2016)
Pixelburst (2017-present)
Platform(s) Various
Release Date(s)
April 12, 1993
Genre(s) RPG
Series Darklight

Darklight is a series of action RPGs currently consisting of ten titles. The first game was originally published for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis in 1993 by Lightning Studios. The series was handed over from Lightning Studios to Lone Planet Productions, then from Lone Planet Productions to Pixelburst Gaming.


Developed by Lightning Studios

  • Darklight (SNES, Genesis) - 1993
  • Darklight II: Gears of Dust (SNES, Genesis) - 1994
  • Darklight 3: Time Masters (Game Boy, Game Boy Color) - 1996
  • Darklight 64 (N64) - 2000
  • Darklight: Anniversary Edition (Gamecube) - 2003
  • Darklight: Parallel Universes (Game Boy Advance) - 2002
  • Darklight: Stories of Florisbelli (DS, Wii) - 2007
  • Darklight: Requiem of a Dream (Wii, 3DS) - 2011
  • Darklight: Paradox (Wii U, Wii Fusion) - 2014
  • Darklight: Time Invasion (Wii U) - 2015

Developed by Pixelburst Gaming

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