Darklight: Deadly Darkness is a non-canon reboot of Darklightfor Series Swap Day 2015(#1). The game is a top-down dungeon crawler using elements from the original series with new ideas. The story deals with a mysterious figure known as Scott Mayden and a survivor of a massacre named Rosa Yorkwich. It was created by Inora.


In a white room, a figure known as Scott Mayden awakens, being guided by a voice. After solving problems in the white area and fighting black cloaked figures, he drifts to sleep. Awaking in a deep cave, Scott overhears "Yorkwich" which triggers something, investigating the cave and defeating soldiers hunting someone named Yorkwich. Scott feels a compulsion to stop them, and eventually confronts the squad leader, who uses cosmic powers. Scott defeats the leader and finds a crystal that leads him into the Florisbelli Plains.



The game is a top-down dungeon crawler where players take control of two characters, Scott Mayden, and Rosa Yorkwich, each with their own pros and cons and unique weapons. The main goal of the game is to reach Florisbelli Airport, but to get their players must journey across the entire island, while going in dungeons, defeat enemies, and upgrading weapons. Players can play alone or play drop out co-op.

Across the game plays come across loot, which can be collected from chests, dead enemies, and by completing side quests(optional quests for rewards) and use it to buy Weapon upgrades and items from the Item Carrier. Also on the way players must fight bosses, which require thinking.

The game also has a small multiplayer mode. The modes are Massacre and Loot Race. Massacre has players select a dungeon and try to kill as many enemies as possible. Loot Race is similar, but with Loot rather than enemies.





Weapons and Items






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